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New TV Sci-Fi TV Series
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Friday, June 28, 2013

There’s A New "Mayor" In The Hood – And It's All Good!

We all are born with certain purpose in this world, with a chance to live our best A-life.

For self-taught poet, producer and AMG Recording artist, Mayor Allen (born Carlos Allen), he is spot-on track with that, as he is utilizing his manifold gifts to shine his intelligence, diversity, and bright light.  Once called “The 3rd White House Crasher” (at President Obama’s State dinner), and a former 2010 District of Columbia mayoral candidate (he came in 2nd out of 12 contenders), Allen radiates with talents ranging from entrepreneur, philanthropist, to lyrical artisan who is now discharging symbolic music.  Allen decidedly elected to pause from the fast and liberating dictates of the political world to devote his time to songwriting, and to hone his artistic cravings for highly expressive and well-crafted music and rhymes.

Allen is now campaigning the release of his brand new (and eclectic!), behind-the-scenes video trailer titled, My Life.  The trailer precedes the debut of his hot new single, “Big Cadillac Car,” forthcoming on his Hip Hop album Mayor Allen Vol. 1.

As explained by AMG Recording CEO John Thomas, the video was produced in Miami, and spotlights the “pivotal engagements, performers, choreography and schedule pandemonium” endeavored by Allen when making the video for “Cadillac.”

“The video pilots you on a personal tour to some of Miami’s finest venues,” Thomas says, “and quenches your ravenous craving for delicious and modish world-class edibles and extravagant automobiles.”

The voyage starts with an aerial view of Miami’s nightlife with glitzy structures and distinguished architecture laced with sparkly lights, magnificent foliage and bronzed, voluptuous bodies everywhere in sight.

Allen and the Discovery Channel’s TV personality, Ted Vernon (of South Beach Classics) meet up for a notable and surprising dinner engagement with Gerry Quinn, owner of South Beach’s renowned Quinn’s Restaurant on Ocean Drive.  At which point, the three gentlemen go on to share astounding and untold stories.

The tour moves “on location” where the raw and unedited footage divulges what really happens on a set before the truth is diluted. My Life showcases Allen’s new transition from being a suit and tie entrepreneur and political connoisseur to a reflective music artist.

According to Thomas, the song “Big Cadillac Car” is quickly becoming a fan favorite, with Allen waxing his “wild and limber footwork” while sporting his unique threads.  “The song has a Miami Vice flare and vibes well,” says Allen, in reference to the ground-breaking classic TV show of the 1980s, and while cruising in Vernon’s original Scarface yellow Cadillac.

And that fits, because Mayor Allen is most definitely a ground-breaking, multi-faceted talent who again – is perfectly on track with his A-life!

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