Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rudi Rudenski Talks About "The Light" He Met In Heaven - This Sunday On The Radio

On the way to a secret military base in 1982, Rudi Rudenski died in a car accident. Soonafter, he left "this world" and journeyed to Heaven, where he experienced what has come to be known and defined as an "NDE" or "Near-Death Experience."

While in Heaven, and upon meeting the "Sum of All Love" also known as "The Light," Rudi learned that the harsh and judgemental "God" in which he was once taught to believe as a child didn't live in Heaven at all.

Instead, Rudi met in Heaven the "God of Love," and he learned that this God of Heaven IS Love...a God incapable of turning one nation against the other, or one Earthly child against the other.

After his quite extensive and very unique NDE, Rudi returned to Earth in a broken body with a broken neck and with a mission to complete: to learn more about the physical world. In effect, he returned to this world a changed man (after spending over a year in traction and even body casts, following numerous surgeries).

Because of his new understanding about "The Light," Rudi realized that he could no longer perform his soldierly duties...that the "Sum of All Love Who Is The God Of Heaven" has nothing to do with war, and that we are ALL EQUAL in the eyes of Heaven, unconditionally loved by the most beautiful "Mommy/Daddy" in the Universe.

Today, Rudi travels across the State of Texas (his home state), teaching blind individuals how to reclaim their lives.

Yet, more than anything else, Rudi Rudenski teaches us all about Love, or again, more clearly stated how, Love IS God.

[Below please find a link to Rudi's upcoming three-hour radio appearance this Sunday, January 23rd on Caribbean Radio, during which he will discuss his amazing experience. Meanwhile, too, you can visit Rudi's thousands of posts in the "NDE Forum" at, and you can also read about his NDE at On either site, just do a search with the keyword "Rudenski."]


  1. Great tips, Herbie! Thanks for listing them here.

  2. Years ago I did a television news sweeps series on people who had had near death experiences. There was a class at Claremont College they attended and I was struck by the remarkable similarity of their experiences. Most described ascending a lighted tunnel with angels speaking to them in a tongue that was not English, but was nonetheless, clearly understood.

  3. Indeed, Steve. And yet, Rudi's NDE is one of the most unique and extensive I have ever come across. And I have been researching and reading them for over twenty years. Appreciate your insight.