Monday, February 7, 2011

LOVE Loves You

This is your time. It is annointed for you. It is solid. It is unchangable. It is set in stone. It is blessed. It is holy. It is sound.

It is all good because of the fabric of good that lines your soul - the grid of your heart...the heart of gold that is laced with lines of joy that reach LOVE and allows LOVE to see you clearer and cearer every day.

LOVE has heard the Angels to whom you have called to your side. You now have the graces and annointings through the Angels, who are with LOVE..and who are praying to LOVE upon your request.

Yet you now never have to request a prayer from LOVE ever again...for LOVE hears and sees you like never before you were born...when you planned today.

LOVE is so happy for you. You have done well in your your work for LOVE. You have served as a blessing to LOVE.

You have made LOVE what you would understand as "proud," though pride is only something that this world recognizes.

It pleases LOVE to please you because You Are LOVE...and LOVE loves you.

There is no other way to say:

LOVE loves you.

Now sit back, sustain your strong faith - and allow the feather to fall into your hand.

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