Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Reward/Punishment System Doesn't Work

Someone reaches out to you because they deem you worthy.

They lend their hand to help you.

You accept in kindness.

They have good intentions, but things don't work out.

You reach back to them and ask for a slight change in the plans.

They resent you for telling them how to help you.

But what does that have to do with sincerely helping anyone?

In the end, you shouldn't have to walk on coals fearing you will offend anyone, whether they are helping you or you are helping them.

There should be no Reward/Punishment system among friends, loved-ones or co-workers.

Such thoughts are incongruent to true partnership, certainly with regard to favors.

When you favor someone, you love them, and they should feel that favor with love in return.

If somehow that favor was misperceived, then it must be fixed.

In either case, all things should be said, written and done for the highest good of all concerned...however that is made to happen.

The conditional Reward/Punishment system has little to do with true assistance, and everything to do with control.

Compromise in gentleness, with a clear, positive communication between all parties, is the only way to go

Blessings to all...

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