Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Widen Your Margin of Error

"Nobody's perfect," says the old adage.

And that means you. 

And me.

And everybody on the planet

The Universe and in other dimensions?

Well...that's for another blog post.

For the moment, let's just keep things to THIS reality.

Which means we live in a broken world, with too many instances of overtly-high expectations set down by and for others - and by and for ourselves; expectations that are impossible to meet.

"Lose expectation," Confucius said.  "Gain everything."

So, here's the deal:

We need to cut each other - and again, ourselves - some slack.  A lot of it.

If we know of someone who has made a mistake, and we're unwilling to forgive them that mistake, you can bet your bottom dollar that, when karma comes back around to bite you on the butt, others will be just as unforgiving towards you...when you make your mistakes.

And you will.

Because you're only human.

We all make mistakes, and the biggest one is not fully realizing how not understanding this important point can end up affecting your life in many conflicting ways.

As Emerson said, "Whatever we send into the lives of others, comes right back into our own."

So you really need to lighten up and "get that."

Take your life seriously.  Take your work seriously.  But never take yourself seriously.

And most of all, just know that we are imperfect beings in  an imperfect world; a world that will never be begin to be remotely healed or perfected until we all start understanding our imperfect ability to comprehend the perfection of Love, which surpasses ALL understanding...and overlooks ALL mistakes.

Consequently, it could only benefit you and your existence in this world to widen that narrow margin of error that is constricting your life in ways of which you may not even be aware.

Free yourself...from judgement of others...from self-condemnation - and just embrace what you can start to view as the joys of imperfection, otherwise known as just "being human."

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