Sunday, December 27, 2015


We all have problems.
We all have challenges.
Never let anyone make you feel like you’re the only one who makes mistakes.
We all make mistakes.
Never let anyone make you feel anything less than positive and joyful.
Do not allow the martyrdom or false guilt of others to convince you otherwise.
Stay away from bullies.
Do not allow passive-aggressive individuals in your life who manipulate you into doing their bidding by seducing you with false kindness, false joyful words, and money – just to suit their needs.
If you have only the best of intentions in mind, healthy, strong-minded, good intentions - and if there are those who fail to see that, then let them go. It is not your problem they are unhappy – it is their problem…especially if they are not smart enough to hear the wisdom of your joyful, positive insight.
Surround yourself only with people who appreciate your positive view and healthy way of living.
Surround yourself only with positive, uplifting, loving-kind people.
Surround yourself only with people who have your best interests in mind.
Surround yourself only with people who speak joyfully of you, and others.
Surround yourself only with people who are healthy-minded, even in the midst of what may be their own infirmity.
Stay away from those who hurt you or abuse you in any way, physically, verbally, psychologically or emotionally.
Stay away from those who constantly curse, or use vulgar words.
Stay away from those who do not believe in any good Universal being or essence who runs the Universe, and/or those who do not believe in Love.
Live your life joyfully and surround yourself only with those who appreciate that joy, and whatever wisdom you profess in any area of life. Because if you espouse to be healthy, and you seek only all to be healthy, and if there are others who do not see or appreciate any of your wisdom, kindness, or insight…and if they seek only seek to be self-destructive, mean-spirited and unhappy…then let them be – and let them go.
Simply bless everyone, even those who do not have your wisdom of Love.
Just live your life joyfully, while blessing on their way others who seek a different path.
Love and forgive all of those who hurt you, while knowing, too, that just because you love and forgive them, that doesn’t mean they have to be in your life. You can still love people from afar, and just leave them be.
Just present your wisdom of Love and Health as best you can, and surround yourself with those who are smart enough to see your Love, and let go of everyone else who doesn’t.
Just be happy, share your Love, “let it rest where Jesus flung it,” as they say, and if it doesn’t stick, then just move on – joyfully – for the highest good of all concerned!
Happy New Year, Everybody!

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