Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let Your LIght SHINE and SOAR - and Don't Look Back!

An awesome friend of mine once gave me some of the best advice that I ever received with regard to my life and career. About a year after my beautiful Mom passed away, and some fifteen years after my wonderful Dad died, I was contemplating who I identity as a human being...personally and professionally.

I was 48-years-old and I had accomplished much, but I still felt like I had not done everything I was born to do. I felt incomplete. And now, after I had dedicated a good portion of my youth to caring for my elegant parents in their ill, later years, I wondered which path to take. Would I still have the stamina to leave my hometown of Rochester, NY (as I had did so many times before), and move back to Los Angeles and re-ignite my actor...a screenwriter...a television or film executive? Did I still "have it"? Or was it too late? And after I relayed all of this to my awesome friend, he said:

"Herbie - your contracts with your parents are done in this world. What you did for them was noble and beyond. And now, this is YOUR time. And they would want you to live the full and beautiful life that you were born to live in this go and utilize each and every one of your talents to their fullest. And I and they and even God would rather see you move to Los Angeles, pursue your dreams, never make it and end up homless, then to stay in Rochester and ROT!"

So I say to each of applicable terms...I recommend that each of you take my friend's advice and do the same.

May Love and Light and Health and Riches bless your COURAGE and your TALENTS...forever.

Herbie J

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