Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Spiritual Thoughts On The Recent Chaotic Events

‎If you enjoy confrontation, than confront war...and distribute Peace.

If you seek to be defiant, then defy war...and embrace Peace.

Geographical, physical, emotional and psychological disharmony have NOTHING to do with the God of Heaven. There is some other god (of THIS world) working our puppet strings.

We need to stop worshipping war and start praising Peace.

Our chaotic thoughts create our chaotic world.

Everything is connected. There is no separation between our hearts and minds and the land and the sea.

The God of Heaven does not punish us. We punish ourselves by separating ourselves from Love. If there would be no hate and war, there would be no earthquakes and tsunamis. If we would choose Love and Peace, we would only stand on solid ground and sail on tranquil seas.

A shift in our consciousness must take place. If not, the natural disasters will continue. We must embrace Peace and dissolve confrontation. Wars beget earthquakes.

The crust of the earth is held together by LOVE...and war solves NOTHING. Natural disasters occur because it is the cry of our collective conscious to stop the hate. Wars occur out of our ignorance of and fascination with confrontation. Instead, let's be fascinated with Peace.

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