Monday, April 18, 2011

Questions To Ask In Search Of Your Truest Love

No one wants to be alone.

But no one also wants to be in a bad relationship, whether they are married, engaged, or just starting to "see each other."

In either case, that "special relationship" should only be with the "right person."

And how do you know who that right person is?

Well, I'll tell ya' this much: it ain't necessarily the hottest one on the block. The individual you presently call "the Love of your life" may be beautiful and have a rockin' bod. But if they're hurtful, mean-spirited, self-centered, egotistical and just plain "a drag" to be around -you gotta' ask yourself, "But for real - is this person really worth it?

That said, here's a group of questions you can ask yourself to insure that you either have the right person who may already be in your life, or if you're still seeking the right person. Frankly, these questions may be applied to ANY of the individuals in your life or who you would like to have in your life, with regard to romance, friendship, work associates and family.

But for the moment, let's just stick the the "significant other" category.

Here we go, ask yourself:

1) Is the "right person" in my romantic life loving-kind?

2) Are they sweet?

3) Are they gentle?

4) Do they Love me for who I am, and not for what I am able to give or do for them or buy them?

5) Would they leave me if I lost my job?

6) Would they leave me if I got sick?

7) Would they leave me if I experienced any kind of emotional, psychological trauma?

8) Are they self-centered, egotistical, self-absorbed?

9) Do they talk too much - and mostly only about themselves?

10) Do they care about my family? My friends? The world?

11) Are they generous or cheap?

12) Do they respect different religions and the various spiritual beliefs of others?

13) Are they argumentative or confrontational?

14) Are they clean? Do they bathe? And what about underneath those fingernails? They're not dirty, right?

15) Do they have a sense of humor? Do they take themselves too seriously?

16) Are they just plain fun to be around?

Either way, that should help you get a start on clarifying the kind of person you want to have in your life. And if you're already with someone who more or less fails this test, be they your spouse or your fiance (or as Elaine on Seinfeld would say with an exaggerated French accent, your "fee-ahn-say)- well, then - what I can tell ya' - you need to just dump that puppy - and find someone really nice.

'Cause, you know what?

Nice ain't over-rated.

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