Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How You Can Save The World

Although you may not be able to send millions of dollars to those starving in foreign nations or even be able to give slightly to those in your own backyard, the burdens of those who suffer in every land are somehow lifted if just a little by the Light you bring to your corner of the world by employing the following three steps as much as possible in your everyday life:

1)  Live life to your fullest potential, and do everything that you were meant and brought into this world to do in a positive way.

2)  Cut yourself some slack; learn and apply the art of forgiveness with others - but mostly with yourself.

3)  Employ loving-kindness in every aspect of your interactions with others, and in every quandary, think, "What would Love do?"

It's really as simple as that 1-2-3.

Even in what you may perceive as your darkest hour, you must know that Love will never lead you astray; somehow, you must find the strength to be the Light of your world - and in turn allow others around the world to bask in the glow of what you were meant to bring to the world.

In short, do not underestimate your ethereal power to change the outcome of the planet from your own little spot in the Universe.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

And please know this more than anything else:  Love loves you.

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