Thursday, February 13, 2014

The "Gravity" of Your Situation is Your "Legacy of Light"

I finally saw the Oscar-nominated film Gravity over the weekend.

Visually, it's brilliant.

Story and character-wise, it's flawed.

A brief three-minute exposition at the opening, with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney with their space helmets off would have been nice.

We first meet them in space, and can hardly see them.

They chat a little bit about their lives, and then BOOM - the action begins.

As a result, I felt myself not caring enough about what happened to their characters.

But that's okay - the film wasn't meant to be Shakespeare.

As I say, if anything, it was visually stunning; and a few scenes in particular captured my attention.

Like when Sandra Bullock finds a measure of relief and safety, and she cuddles up in a capsule as if a baby in a womb.  In fact, it was many such "capsule" scenes in the film that were sprinkled with genius imagery....some, too, that inspired and reminded me of other thoughts and images.

Case in point:  When my Mom passed away in 2008, I wrote about how, in my view, our journey and final destination is like a rocket soaring into space. The pieces of us that we don’t need – fall off as we move closer to the Light of God's embrace – until all that is left is the little capsule that holds our soul; how my Mom's capsule, in particular, filled with every loving thought and every act of loving kindness that she ever displayed on Earth - is now not only bundled together, but magnified, multiplied and showcased in Heaven.

And that goes for all of us....whatever good we think say and do is remembered by Heaven; the rest falls away.

In this way, each of us have our own personal, immeasurable, immortal - and priceless "Legacy of Light" that we not only leave behind on Earth - but also take with us to Heaven.

What a wonderful a thing.

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