Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Love" + "Forgiveness" = "Healing"

Everyone has challenges in life, be they physical, financial, emotional, psychological...or any other area or aspect of life.
There are some of us who are born into this world with physical ailments, while others of us develop physical challenges.
There are those of us are born rich, and then lose it all....there are those of us who are born poor, and gain it all.
So, ultimately - within the realm of this imperfect world...there are some things we can control - and others that we cannot.
But one thing is for certain...in our comings and goings...Love and Forgiveness are the strongest of our stronghold.
If we are physically ill in any way, no amount of medicine or prayer will heal us if we do not have Love and Forgiveness in our heart.
We cannot ask Heaven to help us heal if we hold bitterness or hatred or unforgiveness towards any other living being...or even ourselves.
Self-hatred can be just as detrimental as displaying un-Love to another.
Therefore, if you are experiencing any physical challenge that has developed in your Body Temple AFTER you were born....than I would urge you to Love and Forgive anyone who has ever hurt you...or anyone who you presently despise...including possibly yourself.
Because Love is unable to heal you completely...again...no matter any amount of medicine that you may take...unless you are open to Love's healing by Loving and Forgiving others and yourself...for being imperfect.
Love can only see Love.  If there is hate or bitterness or unforgiveness in you, Love cannot see you....those things become like mud in Love's eyes.
And again, this particular healing process - for the moment, anyway - is geared specifically towards a disorder that has developed in your lifetime since birth...and NOT for a disorder that you may have been born with.
THAT healing description is for another email.
In the meantime, here are a few lines of Light that will lead you to your complete healing of any physical (or even financial, emotional or psychological disorder) that you may have developed over time, since birth, or as recent as yesterday.
And they work....but again...only when there is complete forgiveness in your heart...for others - and yourself.
So, Love and forgive others...and give affection to yourself, too...in saying...
"Dear Abba Father of Lights, King of Kindness, Prince of Peace and Divine Blessed Mother of the Mighty Heart....thank You for leading me to Love, for allowing Love to lead me in all of my ways, for all of my days...as I cling myself to Thee, to Thine, to Thy Love....and have Thy will and not mine be done.  Amen."
"Thank you, God, for Life and Light, abundant, full and free...for perfect, boundless health, wealth and the power of Love and Forgiveness, unhampered Liberty.  Amen."

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  1. Herbie you have got to be one of the most beautiful spoken man that gives off the love of self and others. I just started fumbling around and came across your sites, for hours I have been reading . I couldn't stop reading about you. I'm am a Pilato as well which gave me some motivation however you have it. Your books will be out in the fall and I will look forward to reading them. I am Sam, this is my daughters account