Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Unstoppable Prayers

"I agree with what I eat, and what I eat agrees with me.  I am at peace with all people and all situations.  I do not resist or antagonize anything or anybody.  My stomach is strong, wise and energetic.  I always think and speak of it as capable of doing its work perfectly.  I do not impose on my stomach by overloading it.  I am guided by Divine Wisdom in my eating and drinking, and I follow its guidance.  After eating, I quietly relax, release all cares, and give my stomach an opportunity to do its perfect work."

"I am satisfied with Divine Substance.  The Substance of Love now erases all fatigue from my body, renews tissues, and replenishes energy.  Divine Substance stabilizes my mind and prospers my affairs.  Every longing of my soul and every need of my life is now fulfilled.  I am satisfied with Divine Substance."

"The Divine Light within me is all-healing of any and all sense of hurt, injury, or bitterness.  Love is all there is in my mind and heart.  I cast all sense of injury, hurt, resentment upon the Divine Light within, which sets me free.  While I am speaking, every cell hears my call and responds to the power of Divine Light and Love, now and ever released in me."

"The Forgiving Light of Love sets me free from the past, and from the results of mistakes of the past.  There is no condemnation in the Divine Light, and there is no condemnation in me.  I am uplifted and upheld by the Divine Light of Love, and the Divine Love of Light.  No disease exists in the Divine Light and in Divine Love, and therefore my Body Tempe of Divine Light and Love is filled with Divine Perfection, Divine Strength, and Divine Health.  Divine Light and Divine Love frees, cleanses and heals me now, and forever."


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