Thursday, January 30, 2014

Show yourself some loving-kindness and affection

Nobody's perfect.

We all make mistakes.

And you should never be made to feel that you're the only one who makes mistakes - and you should never let anyone else feel like they are the only one who makes mistakes.

We live in an imperfect world - and we are all imperfect.

If we were perfect - we wouldn't be here.

We'd be in Heaven.

But one way to get at least a little piece of Heaven on Earth is to learn to let things go.

If someone has recently hurt you forgive them.  Immediately.

If you've recently hurt someone, unintentionally or otherwise, manifest that they forgive you.

If they do not, if you have apologized and made every effort to make amends, and still, they do not forgive you, well - then all you can do is bless them on their way.

You can still love people without having them in your life - especially if they are destructive to your life - or self-destructive to theirs.

We're all doing the best we can.

And we can only do what we can do.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Just don't be so hard on yourself - or on anyone else for that matter.

In short, be loving-kind...and be brave enough to share and shine your affection...on others...if mostly an unselfish love others...and yourself...unconditionally.

You aren't nearly as "bad" as you think you are or as others may sometimes lead you to believe and vice-versa.

If anything, please do remember this quote from Emerson:

"No man is an island; no one goes their way alone.  Whatever we send out into the lives of others, comes right back into your own."

So, send out only good words...good thoughts...good forgiveness - to others - and for yourself.

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