Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Speak Your Way To Perfect Health

"I now consecrate my mind and body to you, Dear Father.  I am now willing and ready to give up the old ways, the false beliefs that have bound me.  I am now ready to take the new higher life from Universal Mind.  Dear Father, I know you have forgiven all my mistakes and are seeing in me only my perfect self which is pure.  I now see only my pure, perfect self.  As it shines its radiant Light into every cell of my body.  I am clean and pure, healthy and free.  Yes...I am free."

- Page 269, "The Healing Secrets of the Ages," by Catherine Ponder

"At the center of each atom in your body there is a central light around which lesser lights are constantly circling.  At the center of each one of these atoms is life and energy.  When you affirm 'LIFE' you stir up and bring into action that tremendous atomic energy in your body.  Indeed, when you affirm the word 'LIFE,' you are working with an atomic energy that is all powerful, because you are an atomic being!"

- Page 256, "The Healing Secrets of the Ages" - by Catherine Ponder

"When you are tired, run down, discouraged, that is the time to call upon the mind power of life within you...In each cell and atom of your body is life, substance and intelligence. As you speak words of "life," each cell responds.  You can charge the cells of your body with life because they are receptive and always listening.  If you dwell upon the idea of life, your body takes up this idea and acts upon it, first consciously and then subconsciously.  The idea of life will then work through the cells of your body, generating new energy."

- Page 254, "The Healing Secrets of the Ages" - by Catherine Ponder


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