Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Never say, Good-bye. Say, 'See ya' later."

Did you know that a part of you is part of me - and vice-versa?

It's true.

And I never realized more then as when, in 2003, my cousin Rita passed away (into Heaven).

She died very young (43).

She was "there" and then she wasn't.

I thought, "So, where'd she go?"

How does someone, who has so much life, just one day, not be "there."

You hear their voice.  They sound strong.  They look strong.  They act strong.

There's no illness...or preparation for illness or any lingering death.

Just one day, that person...that you spoke with, interacted with, kissed, touched, loved...yelled at, cried with...the day before...was now gone.

Doesn't seem to make any sense, certainly not from any logical point of view.

But one thing I know for sure:  when I think of Rita...or anyone else who I have loved and who is no longer visible in this world...when I think of them...when a thought of them comes into my mind or into my me, that's them saying "Hello!"

That's me, hearing "Hello!"

And my acknowledgement of their "Hello" is returned with my "Hello!"

It's a good way to see hear live.

To know that when those we love leave this world...our memories of them become everything they already were when they were alive.

And that says that life is endless...that there is no long as we continue to "remember" those we love and say "Hello."

Or as my beautiful, dear Mom used to remind everyone, "Never say, 'Good-bye.  Say, 'See 'ya' later."

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