Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You are Beautiful and a Blessing

We each have our creative talents in the world.

Some can sing and dance.

Other can write.

Still others can count or excel in a particular sport.

But each of us - in on our way - make our contribution.

Each of our contributions, no matter how large or small, are important and beautiful.

What each of us does best ultimately contributes not only to those who obviously and directly benefit from our contributions - but all people, consciously or subconsciously, reap the rewards of your good gifts.

We are each part of the entirety of all; we each are a peg or a particle in the matrix of everything that was, is and will be.

Never feel that you are insignificant or that what you do is insignificant - especially if each time you speak, act, create, believe, think or do anything with loving-kindness.

Loving-kindness, or Love - for short, lasts forever.

Everything else, in the long run, falls away.

So, shine your great talent - your great Light...for all to see and bask in your great glow.

And in the process of your graceful glimmering, you become a blessing to the world.

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