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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Essenes Wrote The Dead Sea Scrolls. Mystery Solved.

Listed below is a link to an article about the uncovering new information surrounding the "mystery" of who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Let me help everyone cut to the chase:

The Dead Sea Scrolls were written by the Essenes.

Mystery solved.

This is not new information.  Anyone who has studied and researched the writings of Edgar Cayce knows this and always knew this.

Also, too, and just so you know, Jesus was of the Essenes...and the word "essential" comes from the name "Essene," which ultimately means that every important thought or feeling that we have as humans is based on love and is "essen-tial" to our very being.

There is so much truth the mainstream world refuses to acknowledge...but the basis of all truth is Love.  And as long as we make every decision based on Love, we will never be misguided.

And that in and of itself is an "essene-tial" truth.

"Mystery of Dead Sea Scrolls Authors Possibly Solved"