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Sunday, December 18, 2011

What's In Your Cart?

You know, you walk through Costco at Christmastime, or through Sam's Club, depending on where you live in the country, and you see people with two or three big flat-screen TVs in their shopping cart, and it just seems a big strange. 

Comical even.  But a bit strange. 

I mean, it's great - and God bless 'em.  

And oh, yeah for sure, I remember when my Dad walked in our house on Erie Street in Rochester, New York with a brand new RCA 19" inch color TV. 

I nearly flipped my lid - and then went on to enjoy years of great television.

But I also have Christmas memories of when I'd be happy with just a board game of Battleship or Hats-Off...and or just even Twister

There was something wonderful about those days. 

Something simpler.

And really, probably the best part of those days? 

Just being in a room full of people you loved - and who loved you back.

Friday, December 16, 2011

You Lead An Extraordinary Life

Ok, maybe you're not George Clooney, Mother Theresa or Justin Bieber.  So you haven't traveled the world and studied some anceint Mayan culture, or didn't just save someone's life this morning after conducting hours of surgery.

But guess what?

You're still extraordinary...because your life is extraordinary.

More so than you may think...because the essence of who are...your living breathing heart...makes you extraordinary.

With each smile you grant a lonely soul...with every kind word you speak...and with every gentle embrace you facilitate your extraordinary ways.

What you may look back and define as mistakes or failed opportunities were really your most shining moments.

Those moments shined because you're still here...those seemingly awkward moments illuminated the path for your present course.  You have done more than survived.   You have thrived. 

You don't realize it, but you're thriving right now...this very second.  With every breath you give yourself another chance.  And with every breath you take there will always BE another chance.

Because you are extraordinary.

And what the world calls extraordinary...or what you may have thought or presently believe as extraordinary...actually pales in comparison to the simple, graceful ways of the gentle and loving-kind beat of your sweet heart...especially when you share it with another.

Every other experience is over-rated.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How You Can Save The World

Although you may not be able to send millions of dollars to those starving in foreign nations or even be able to give slightly to those in your own backyard, the burdens of those who suffer in every land are somehow lifted if just a little by the Light you bring to your corner of the world by employing the following three steps as much as possible in your everyday life:

1)  Live life to your fullest potential, and do everything that you were meant and brought into this world to do in a positive way.

2)  Cut yourself some slack; learn and apply the art of forgiveness with others - but mostly with yourself.

3)  Employ loving-kindness in every aspect of your interactions with others, and in every quandary, think, "What would Love do?"

It's really as simple as that 1-2-3.

Even in what you may perceive as your darkest hour, you must know that Love will never lead you astray; somehow, you must find the strength to be the Light of your world - and in turn allow others around the world to bask in the glow of what you were meant to bring to the world.

In short, do not underestimate your ethereal power to change the outcome of the planet from your own little spot in the Universe.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

And please know this more than anything else:  Love loves you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Essenes Wrote The Dead Sea Scrolls. Mystery Solved.

Listed below is a link to an article about the uncovering new information surrounding the "mystery" of who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Let me help everyone cut to the chase:

The Dead Sea Scrolls were written by the Essenes.

Mystery solved.

This is not new information.  Anyone who has studied and researched the writings of Edgar Cayce knows this and always knew this.

Also, too, and just so you know, Jesus was of the Essenes...and the word "essential" comes from the name "Essene," which ultimately means that every important thought or feeling that we have as humans is based on love and is "essen-tial" to our very being.

There is so much truth the mainstream world refuses to acknowledge...but the basis of all truth is Love.  And as long as we make every decision based on Love, we will never be misguided.

And that in and of itself is an "essene-tial" truth.

"Mystery of Dead Sea Scrolls Authors Possibly Solved"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Here Comes The Sun": A Story of "Hope"

Today, there are many wonderful charities that organize various "walks" to earn funding for their selected nonprofit organizations.

Years ago, in Rochester, NY (my hometown), circa 1971, my sister Pam and her high-school friend Joyce marched in the "Hike for Hope," which was then a charity walk for the then-medical big-line ocean cruiser that was essentially a massively floating hospital on the water.

At the time, the "Hike for Hope" was a pretty big deal. In fact, Rochester's turn-out that year was legendary, as it became the largest documented march in "Hope's" history.

I wanted to go, but I was too young. Although I did participate in something called the "Walk for Water" the following year, I don't recall exactly which charity that particular march served.

However, I do remember the water that poured down as rain during the monumental "Hike for Hope."

And I remember that rain clearly, because I felt so sad how it drenched the noble "Hikers."

Actually, all of Rochester was upset about the substantial downfall of rain.

But as the old saying goes, none of that dampened anyone's spirits. And to quote another maybe more applicable saying (of the era), the "Hikers," thousands of them, "kept on "truckin'."

Meanwhile, I kept on truckin' - with my parents, Herbie P. and Frances, in our green 1969 Pontiac Catalina, as we decided to set out and find Pam and Joyce in the rain, during one of the largest charity group events that ever took place.

I really didn't understand how we would be able to scout out my sister and her friend amidst the literal "sea of people," but that posed little threat to my parents, especially my Mom. She was determined to find them...despite the rain...and even a little opposition from my Dad.

"Frances," he said to her as I listened from the back seat. "We're not gonna' find those girls. Are you kidding me?!"

"Keep driving," my Mom instructed, ever so calmly.

Meanwhile, all three of us were simply amazed and what we did see. The dedication, loyalty and heart and soul of "all those kids," as my Dad put it, was just awe-inspiring.

Neither of us had any conception of what to expect as we commenced this journey to find Pam and Joyce in the wet masses that were soon surrounding us.

But now all that mattered was somehow, we were going to cheer on "all those kids," by offering the only support that we had at our disposal. And for the moment, that meant maybe playing some music.

As our Pontiac continued to nuzzle through the Hikers and the rain, with the windshield wipers, flumping, at full-speed, I asked my Dad to turn on the radio. At first he declined, but then my Mom doubled that request. "Turn it on," she said to my Dad.

He then reluctantly did so, and as if on cue, we heard the song, "Here Comes The Sun," by The Beatles.

"Oh, Herbie," my Mom said to my Dad, "Turn the music up - and open your window!," she added, as she opened the one on her passenger side.

"What?!," my Dad objected. "I'm not opening nothing. It's pouring out there."

"Do it," she insisted. "Look at those kids. They're soaked out there...and they're walking for something important. So, turn up that music...and open your window!"

That said, in seconds, my Dad did as my Mom requested. He opened his window after she opened hers (both by manual power), and out from our two-door sedan, poured the beautiful sounds of "Here Comes The Sun" to do battle with the pouring rain that was attempting to again, dampen the spirits of the Hikers.

But no way.

When "all those kids" heard that music coming from our car, with the little kid in the backseat and the two older adults in the front, they went wild with emotion.

We never did find Pam and Joyce, but we heard from their thousands of peers, as they shouted, one after the other, "Yeah, man!" "Thank you, Sister." "You're alright, Brother!" "Peace and Love to you!"

And on and on they went - as we drove on and on through the crowd, which was now melted - not by the rain - but by a little bit of Love that came shining through from a slow-moving vehicle operated by a sweet little man, a fast-thinking woman, and the illuminating sounds of very "en-Light-ening" music.

(Click on the link below to hear "Here Comes The Sun" by the one and only Beatles.)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Live, Share and Shine!

I love money and all that is material, because I believe that money is a good thing - when employed properly - and when shared.

Essentially, iconic pop star Madonna was right when she sang years ago that we live in a "material world." We, as humans, should rule that world. Logic, history and science dictates the reality that humans are superior beings. Yet there are strings attached. Spiritual strings.

All the "things" that we desire, such as fancy cars, lavish homes, and all the other what comedian George Carlin used to call "stuff," is worthless unless we have the Love of others, self-Love (and not the selfish kind; but a true respectful Love for oneself), and the highest Love of all: the Love of God - who IS Love.

But we are frequently tested in our human tangiable world, as we have been granted free will and choice. We are challenged in understanding that success, in any form, is Love itself. There is a silent rule of the Universe (the You-and-I-In-Verse) that says, "Whatever we concentrate on, expands. Focus on the good, and things get better. Focus on the bad, and things get worse." This does not mean to turn the other way when we see pain, or disease, unhappiness or empty pockets. But when confronted with such issues, we must make every attempt to concentrate on the positive aspects of the situation at hand; the healthy parts of us, instead of the ill effects; our savings, instead of our bills. In this way, the positive things will soon outweigh the negative.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case when challenges arise. Instead, many of us focus on the less-than positive aspects of living, beginning with our limitations - instead of our potential. From the day we are born we are taught to think less of ourselves in a large frame of doubts and narrowmindedness. Somewhere along the line, humanity lost its way. We believe we must struggle and suffer for any good that is to come into our lives; that success may only be achieved by paying some burdenous amount of "dues." Yet, this is backward thinking and, instead, we must be forward thinkers.

Our accomplishments don't make us better people; they only enhance what we already are; and what we already are is great. We spend (in every "sense"/"cents" of the word(s)) so much time trying to get happy that we forget to be happy. If we look first to our hearts - where Love lives - all the other stuff usually takes care of itself, and we still have the courage and stregnth to begin again when the world lets us down.

We can't wait for life to deliver its rewards; we have to go out and get them. If that means having to sweep floors and clean toilets to pay the rent (both of which I've done), then we must be the best floor-sweepers and toilet-cleaners the maintenance world will ever come to know. Once we excel at the task at hand, we prepare ourselves to graduate onto the next level of endeavor, be it a desire to become the next President of the United States or the Head of Maintenance.

Either way, we won't be able to reach those other levels (which are necessarily higher, but just different) unless we're happy with what we leave behind and complete it successfully.

Ultimately, our true success in life is intrinsically tied to our inate ability to care for others. To do so, we must not be so self-absorbed. We must be happy for people who have so called more than we do (and to not resent them), if merely because they may simply be expressing themselves to the best of their knowledge and ability; exemplifying how much we have yet to acquire and attain as well. Not only is it important to encourage others to be successfull, we must be the REASON for their success.

If you know of someone looking for a job, and who is experiencing a troubling time, and if you are capable of helping that person - and stand by and do nothing, you are doing a great disservice not only to that challenged individual, but towards yourself and the Universe. It negates their (and our) situation to just sit back and say, "Gee - I wish there was something I could do."

However we choose to support someone, we must do so cheerfully and not just with sympathy. Sympathy without action is boring and useless, and all the beautiful words in the world are ugly and worthless unless they are lived and believed. What allows us the financial freedom (and in turn the emotional stability) to "inspirit" others, is that we simply find employment at what we love to do. When money is suffered for or work at, it becomes a thing worshipped, not an already-have. This is why so many go without it, and why so many who have it are so unhappy.

In both instances, they idolize it and become attached to it - for better or for worse. While those without money become "slaves to the dollar," many of those with money wish to be worshipped. In either extreme, a life-imbalance is the result.

In all, we must forget our can'ts and limitations, and reach for the highest star and follow our dreams. If such reveries are filled with good intentions for ourselves and everyone involved - delights that will only bring joy, fullfillment and abundance in every good, thinkable way - then we should go for it - and not let anyone tell us differently.

Our silent imaginings and yearnings - when positive, combined with our material earnings - when joyfully shared - are pictures and whispers of ideas and suggestions from Heaven. To deny such wonderous and generous concepts, denies our true identities, our happiness and everything we are created to be. Realizing that all good things come from Love, we automatically place Love first in our lives.

Consequently, a full, happy, long life follows.

And isn't that what we all really want?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Here's To Your Health...In Nine Simple Sentences


"Meat produces an acid environment in your body and (non-healthy) cells thrive in this environment.

"Sugar shuts down your immune system, and caffeine and any type of diet drinks or artificial sweeteners can cause serious health problems.

"When you eat meat and other cooked processed foods it takes over 70% of the energy derived from the nutrition of these foods to digest the food.

"Digesting food takes up so much energy from your body that there is not enough energy left for the body to take care of itself.

"Drugs and chemicals cannot heal. Only the Human Body is capable of healing itself, and it will if we provide it with the proper nutrition, and eliminate the things which poison it.

"Raw fresh food does not require much digestion and provides our body with the nutrition it needs to fight for itself. The best source of nutrition comes from vegetable juice and then from fresh fruits.

"Reserve the evening meal for your cooked meal with things like...baked potatoes (ideally, sweet potatoes), green vegetables, corn, rice (ideally, brown rice), and so on.

"This may seem extreme, but...have to undo years of unknowing abuse."

- Gene and Pat Blasningame,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Christmas Light: A Little Holiday Cheer In June

I came across this poem I wrote in 1995, and although it's a Christmas poem, it's always nice to be reminded of the "Light."


The Christmas Light

Happy Decembers are like snow flakes,

Made of the same stuff,

With each a different take.

No wonder Winter falls

As Christmas lands.

During the Holiday Season

We search our past

For memories of another time.

We hold on to what is,

But can't let go

Of the child's rhyme.

A glad tiding indeed,

To sit 'round the tree

Searchin' for Santa,


And Frosty,

Knowing they really exist...

Somewhere off of TV.

That makes for warm feelings


A place that's never cold

In which to play seek and hide.


The treasure of Christmas,

And all that it means,

Is found in the Light

That illumines and beams.

Near Christmas and always

And every Holy Day, too

The laughter is hearty

And the smiles are bright.

For safe restful joys

Open the peaceful way

And close each

Silent pretty night.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Radiant Health" Curezone website by Owen....

If you are SINCERELY seeking optimum health, there is no better place to find the tools and research that you need to do so than at the "Radiant Health" website by Owen.

I so totally urge you in the most loving-kind way to visit the site (via the link below), and take your time with it - over time. For it is not something that can or should be read in seconds.

I recommend that you visit it on a daily basis, reading one section, one sentence and one word at a time.

Blessings to you today - and always...

Herbie J

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hair And Skin Products Pioneer Aubrey Hampton Passes Away

The iconic Aubrey Hampton, Founder and CEO of Aubrey Organics, has passed away, peacefully, on May 9th after a brief illness, surrounded by friends and family.

A pioneer in natural hair and skin care, Aubrey was a trailblazer for a fledging natural products industry by making plant-based, synthetic-free personal care products on his own terms.

In other words, Aubrey Organics became and remains the ONLY hair and skin products company that does NOT use ANY chemicals or animal testing in the manufacturing of its superior line of product.

Some companies profess to not use chemicals, but they do. Other companies say there is no chemicals, but they still test their products on animals.

Aubrey Organics, on the other hand, is the real deal.

Aubrey's company distributes its hair, skin and body care line all over the world, but Aubrey's connection to natural ingredients goes back to his father's organic farm in southern Indiana, where his mother made her own herbal beauty products at home.

In 1967, Aubrey founded Aubrey's Nature Labs with just two products - Relax-R-Bath and GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Conditioner - humble beginnings he swiftly grew into the multi-national, multi-million dollar company that bears his name.

A prolific author, Aubrey's books include Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care, a seminal text on herbal cosmetic products, now in its sixth printing, What's in Your Cosmetics, and The Take Charge Beauty Book, co-authored with his late wife, Susan Hussey.

Aubrey was publisher of Organica: A Magazine of Arts and Activism, a free publication which has featured the work of such literary figures as Gore Vidal, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Shihab Nye and W.S. Merwin.

Multi-faceted and multi-talented, Aubrey enjoyed a successful second career as an award-winning playwright and theatre producer.

In 1990 he founded the Gorilla Theatre, Tampa, Florida's only Equity theatre, with his wife Susan, also a playwright. He published two books of plays, GBS and Company, based on the life of George Bernard Shaw, and Wolf Trilogy, a collection of three thematically linked one-act plays. Of his many accomplishments, he was perhaps most proud of his Young Dramatists Project, a playwriting competition for middle and high school students, now in its 11th year, which awards full-scale productions of short plays to budding playwrights.

Aubrey is survived by his two sons, Mitchell and Trevor, his sister Millie Newman, and the large extended families of Aubrey Organics and Gorilla Theatre. At the heart of his legacy is his joyful and generous spirit. He will be deeply missed.


For more information about Aubrey Organics, click on the link below.

For more insight into Aubrey's amazing life and influence, please click on the link below and read Trish Riley's article, Aubrey Hampton: An Organic Legacy for our Future.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bully For You? Bully For Me? Bully For No One!

Bullying shows up in many forms, some more obvious than others, and in either case, can prove to be an obstacle to living fully the A-Life.

We all know about the mean-spirited school-yard kid (or worse the teacher!) or a middle-aged co-worker (or worse, the boss!), who speaks with condescending tones, employs hurtful name-calling tactics, and/or seeks to somehow make the other person feel unworthy.

In actuality, of course, it is the bully who is insecure and lacks true self-worth. The bully is littered with low self-esteem and tons of self-hatred. He or she does all they can to lift their own lowly spirits by attempting to - and many times succeeding - to douse the joy or comfort of the happy spirits who they deem less worthy.

Unfortunately, I speak from experience, not as a bully, but as one who been bullied, physically, psychologically, emotionally, and professionally my entire life.

For example, I've always been athletic, but never interested in sports. When I was a kid, that was a tough stance, because many of the jocks in school frequently laughed and called me names (its little wonder I identified with Rudolph).

Of course, and fortunately, karma eventually shows its ugly or pretty head.

As when at my high-school Senior Ball, back in 1978, during which a few bullying classmates attempted to embarrass me. From what I can remember, they had instructed the band to perform a disco song (I Love New York), and the lead singer then invited me to dance, a talent for which I was both praised and ridiculed.

Today, any kid who can dance is glorified and worshipped.

In 1978, not so much, as John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever superstar status was still in the infant stages of reaching mainstream acceptance.

In any case, back at the Senior Ball of ’78: I did my dance, and ended up mirroring every dance-move that Travolta made in Fever. Once I completed the performance, all the girlfriends of the bullying jocks ran and cozied up to me, leaving their boyfriends in the cold with dropped jaws.

A few minutes of euphoria almost made worthwhile the four years of tortured bullying.


I was bullied because I was not fond of sports; because I could sing, dance and act; because I had a personality, and lived life with enthusiasm and joy without any of the extra securities that my peers seemed to hold dear. I didn't know how to play basketball (except for one glorious day in gym class), and I laughed a lot at the simplest of treasures.

For some reason, none of this was understood by a certain hurtful few. So, I was attacked and abused (and, unfortunately, similar experiences still transpire today).

Yet, I still don't understood why someone who is gifted with various talents, would set out to hurt someone else who was also gifted, but with no or different talents?

Or why any bully would call anyone else dumb? Does that automatically make him or her smart? Or at least make them think their smart? Is that why they do it?

If a bully picks on someone, does that give them a sense of superiority?

If a bully attempts to manipulate the life of another (and that other person allows it), does that make them feel more in control of their own lives?

Probably and sadly, yes to all of the above.

But what of the more subtle bullying that transpires between folk of all ages?

If there is someone who is need, and an individual with power and position and money knows of this person who is need, and does nothing to help them, is that a form of bullying?

It would seem so.

Anyone can feel sympathy for the less fortunate. But true kindness, and a non-bullying manner, is displayed when we can not only be happy for the person above us on the ladder of success, but when we are also indeed the REASON the other person climbs the ladder to the top and succeeds.

Another example of the Subtle Bully is the Passive-Aggressive Bully, who we may refer to as the Judas or the Brutus Bully.

The Judas/Brutus Bully seems to be your friend, treats you nice, compliments you, and praises you to others with you in the room. He or she then sets out to sabotage your character or any part of your life (and career!), when you're no where to be seen (and then again, sometimes even in plain sight).

It's like the classic image of the lover who kisses and caresses your face, while whipping out the dagger to stab you in the back.

In all, and in every case, the experiences are staggering.

Yet, bullies have always been and will always be. They are hurting and lacking in ways that non-bullies will gratefully never know.

Non-bullies are content, and have no reason to call other people callas names.

Non-bullies have no desire to control the lives of others, for they are too busy being happy and sharing joy.

Bullies, meanwhile, do not so much need pity, as much as they need prayers and blessings.

And if we are to fully lead the A-Life, then, to paraphrase a very wise soul from ages ago...we must bless those who curse us, pray for those who hurt and love and forgive those who hate us (and themselves).

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's, Father's and Child's Day!

On this special day, as with every day, we must live fully our lives. For in doing so, we truly honor not only the memory of our Parents, but the "essence" of our Parents' mission. For "Honor Thy Mother and Father" does not simply mean to respect our Moms and Dads while they are on Earth, and not only to honor those who God gifted us with as guides in our early lives. But "Honor Thy Mother and Father" also means to live fully the life God gave us through our Parents. To reach for our A-Lives...our Best Lives!

In doing so, we must be mature, live wisely, and never loose the child's heart. By retaining the child's heart we remain connected not only to our Earthly Parents - but to the great Universal Parent of Light.

To paraphrase what I once wrote in a tribute to my Mom (Frances Turri), who now abides with my Dad (Herbie Pompeii) in Heaven: "In my view, our life journey and final destination is like a rocket soaring into space. The pieces of us that we don't need (the petty jealousies, the anger, the addictions, the physical maladies, etc.), fall away as we move closer to the Light of Love's embrace – until all that is left is the little capsule that holds our soul. And that 'capsule' is filled with every Loving thought and every act of Loving-Kindness that we ever displayed on Earth - bundled together, magnified, multiplied and showcased in Heaven. Simultaneously, that bundle of Love is also transferred into a personal, immeasurable, immortal and priceless legacy that we leave behind for everyone on Earth."

My Parents certainly left that legacy for me. For as my sister Pam recently relayed, "They were good people who asked of nothing from anyone. They did their job. They were pure."

I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day and Happy Child's Day. And may each of us appreciate the most-Loving aspects of our Moms and Dads, whether they're still here on Earth or have returned to Heaven. May every good thing they ever taught us live on not only through us - but through our children - and everyone we meet. May each of us embrace the Maternal, Paternal and "Eternal" pieces ("peaces") of ourselves which are defined at the core of our being as the ever-protective essence named "LOVE."

Monday, April 25, 2011

Celebrate Your Life Now

"I used to have a bottle of good champagne in my refrigerator. It remained there for months, as I kept waiting for something to 'celebrate.' Finally, someone stole it. I got the point. I had waited too long."

- Marianne Williamson
"The Age of Miracles"
(Hay House, 2008)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Learn To Relax And Love Your Guts To Health!

According to research conducted by the medical journal, Brain, Behavior and Immunity, gut bacteria may be prove representative of what is transpiring in the entire body.

The study indicates show stress can change the balance of bacteria that naturally live in the stomach area, which may explain why the stressed have less immunity.

Lead researcher Michael Bailey of the Ohio State University said exposure to stress led to changes in composition, diversity and the amount of gut microorganisms. Bacterial communities in the intestine became less diverse and had greater numbers of potentially harmful bacteria, such as Clostridium - a group of bacteria (some of which are resistant to antibiotics).

"These changes can have profound implications for physiological function," Bailey relayed. "When we reduced the number of bacteria in the intestines using antibiotics, we found that some of the effects of stress on the immune system were prevented. This suggests that not only does stress change the bacteria levels in the gut, but that these alterations can, in turn, impact our immunity."

Gut bacteria stimulate the lymphoid tissue associated with the gut mucosa to produce antibodies to germs, which the immune system acknowledges and battles toxic bacteria.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Questions To Ask In Search Of Your Truest Love

No one wants to be alone.

But no one also wants to be in a bad relationship, whether they are married, engaged, or just starting to "see each other."

In either case, that "special relationship" should only be with the "right person."

And how do you know who that right person is?

Well, I'll tell ya' this much: it ain't necessarily the hottest one on the block. The individual you presently call "the Love of your life" may be beautiful and have a rockin' bod. But if they're hurtful, mean-spirited, self-centered, egotistical and just plain "a drag" to be around -you gotta' ask yourself, "But for real - is this person really worth it?

That said, here's a group of questions you can ask yourself to insure that you either have the right person who may already be in your life, or if you're still seeking the right person. Frankly, these questions may be applied to ANY of the individuals in your life or who you would like to have in your life, with regard to romance, friendship, work associates and family.

But for the moment, let's just stick the the "significant other" category.

Here we go, ask yourself:

1) Is the "right person" in my romantic life loving-kind?

2) Are they sweet?

3) Are they gentle?

4) Do they Love me for who I am, and not for what I am able to give or do for them or buy them?

5) Would they leave me if I lost my job?

6) Would they leave me if I got sick?

7) Would they leave me if I experienced any kind of emotional, psychological trauma?

8) Are they self-centered, egotistical, self-absorbed?

9) Do they talk too much - and mostly only about themselves?

10) Do they care about my family? My friends? The world?

11) Are they generous or cheap?

12) Do they respect different religions and the various spiritual beliefs of others?

13) Are they argumentative or confrontational?

14) Are they clean? Do they bathe? And what about underneath those fingernails? They're not dirty, right?

15) Do they have a sense of humor? Do they take themselves too seriously?

16) Are they just plain fun to be around?

Either way, that should help you get a start on clarifying the kind of person you want to have in your life. And if you're already with someone who more or less fails this test, be they your spouse or your fiance (or as Elaine on Seinfeld would say with an exaggerated French accent, your "fee-ahn-say)- well, then - what I can tell ya' - you need to just dump that puppy - and find someone really nice.

'Cause, you know what?

Nice ain't over-rated.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

You Are Love Itself

"The eternal self dwells in eternity, and eternity intersects linear time at only one point: the present. Who you are at this moment, therefore, is who you truly are. And who you are is Love itself. From that essential point of perfect being, created anew by God every instant, miracles flow naturally. Love interrupts the past and opens the future to new probabilities. No matter who you are, no matter how old you are, in the present, all things are possible."

- Marianne Williamson, page 16, The Age of Miracles (Hay House, 2008)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Your Relationships Must Evolve

I consider myself a relatively happy person.

I've had my share of various ups and downs, good times, great times, major traumas, minor set-backs...the stuff of life we all experience in relationship to our fellow human beings.

Yet in relating to others - our relationships in general and in particular - must evolve.

For example, it took me years to realize that a particular relationship with which I was "IN"-volved was not "E"-volving - and that it never would evolve or change - for the better.

I realized I made many mistakes early on in the relationship, and I tried to improve things. In fact, I went out of my way to work at the contribute to it in as many ways as possible. To be as cheerful as I give favor to the bend over backwards in any way possible.

And for a while, the response was positive to my improved behavior. But then, after a time, all the good I tried to bring to the relationship didn't seem to matter or worse was forgotten. And the relationship went back to being abusive...for me.

I thought to myself, "What's going on? I was wrong. I tried to fix that. I tried to be as pleasing as possible. I admitted my mistakes. But now, it's like all my efforts were in vain."

Because I am a hopeful person, and I did not want to give up hope with this particular relationship, I hung in there.

Problem is, I nearly hung myself in the process, or almost put myself out to dry, or at least kept on placing myself on the tracks while the train kept riding by.

Truth of the matter is this: Love is not a doormat, and it serves no one when you are abused by what may be very toxic people in your life, be they friends, family members, co-workers, or associates in any area of your existence.

I believe that people can change, always for the better.

But if they cannot, and these particular negative non-changers are in your life, then they quite simply should not be anywhere near you.

Ultimately, relationships should evolve...they should grow. As the relationship continues, after weeks, months, years, the love and respect that was initially the basis for the relationship should not only continue, but increase. Not decrease and get worse.

It's an ancient over-used cliche, but life really IS too short to have anything but positive, motivating, healthy relationships in any category. You should not waste your precious time trying to change the negativity in others, or hoping that those who are abusive or unhappy in relating to you will change.

If the relationship is abusive in any way, shape or form (particularly, of course, in the obvious ways of physical or verbal abuse), then get out of that relationship. Immediately.

But exit that association with respect for all those concerned. Bless the individual or individuals on their way, because, basically, it's really nobody's fault when a relationship goes bad. It's part of life in this broken world. Everything and everyone can't be fixed automatically. That's just not the way it works here.

The truth is, just because a relationship has gone sour or south, that doesn't mean it has not evolved. The evolution of a relationship does not necesarily have to be positive all the way through. It's always nice when it is, but such is not the case.

Emotional, psychological and to some extent, spiritual growth may still transpire by leaving a negative relationship. The negative, abusive, unhappy person is no longer in your life, and they may give thought to why that has transpired, which in turn, may lead them to one day change for the better.

Either way, that person's evolvement, for better or for worse, is not your concern. Your concern is developing your own happiness in order to share that happiness with the world, and yes - to make it a better place.

Once everyone starts focusing on their own happiness - in an unselfish way - and ideally, adding that happiness to the global scale, then a true EVOLUTION of relating will transpire...for the highest good of all those concerned...on the entire planet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Be Great Where You Are, And Where You Are Will Be Blessed

"...if sometimes you find yourself doing work that isn't supposed to be desirable, remember that there are other good folks doing the same sort of work, and that still others would like to be doing it, even though circumstances have placed them at something else. Whatever you undertake, do it the very best you can. Folks will note your good work, and soon you will be given more important positions. Show the Father that you are ready to do your best, and He will keep increasing your ability and will place you where you will be blessed and where your work will bless others."

- Myrtle Fillmore, Co-Founder of Unity Church

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Art - and Health - of Generosity

According to a recent study, more than four of every 10 Americans (41 percent) volunteered in 2009, and almost 70 percent of Americans made financial donations to an organization. Certainly, there are some altruistic reasons for giving of one's time and money, but a survey released by UnitedHealthcare and VolunteerMatch revealed that volunteers also receive physical and emotional benefits because they give.

In the September 2010 edition of SUCCESS Magazine, Publisher and Editorial Director Darren Hardy relayed: "Giving feels good, but there's more to it than that. Helping others incites physical and emotional responses within us. When we direct our energy and focus on meeting others' needs, we push aside our brooding and negative emotions, especially those that contribute to stress-induced psycholgocail and physical illnesses."

Hardy went on to say that when we help others, we "release extra amounts of endorphins into our system, and we get what researchers call a "helper's high." What's more, Hardy revealed, "giving has a direct impact on the body's neurological, hormonal and immune systems - it can even prolong your life."

One study found that older individuals who are actively involved in helping others outlive those who aren't. In fact, the physical benefits of helping others have been shown to have a greater impact on longevity than exercising four times a week.

What's more, the benefits of generosity extend beyond the physical, fostering traits that undergird a successful life. "As a result," Hardy said, "our careers and relationships often improve when we purposefully seek to make a difference in others' lives. And studies show that people of all ages who actively help others, even in small ways, feel the happiest."

Mehmet Oz, otherwise known as TV's "Dr. Oz," stated recently, "People who donate money are happier than people with the same amount of money who don't donate to others. Helping others inspires gratitude for what life has given you, and this is what really turbo-charges your happiness and helps you define your own purpose in life. After all, the real secret may be realizing that true peace isn't about being happy, giddy and feeling as if you're charged up on caffeine all the time. It's about slowing down enough to realize that you have a lot of gifts - gifts that you should be passing along to others."

Anyway you look at it, being generous offers the highest return for all those concerned, the giver and the givee. Or as Darren Hardy concluded, "What you earn and receives makes you a living; what you give and contribute makes you a life."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya"

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya": Translated as follows...

"Let the different faiths exist, let them flourish, and let the glory of God be sung in all the languages and in a variety of tunes. That should be the Ideal. Respect the differences between the faiths and recognize them as valid as long as they do not extinguish the flame of unity."

(Definition and meaning of 'Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya' is as it has been explained by Sai Baba, it is extracted from the website )

And now watch and listen to the beautiful music video.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Spiritual Thoughts On The Recent Chaotic Events

‎If you enjoy confrontation, than confront war...and distribute Peace.

If you seek to be defiant, then defy war...and embrace Peace.

Geographical, physical, emotional and psychological disharmony have NOTHING to do with the God of Heaven. There is some other god (of THIS world) working our puppet strings.

We need to stop worshipping war and start praising Peace.

Our chaotic thoughts create our chaotic world.

Everything is connected. There is no separation between our hearts and minds and the land and the sea.

The God of Heaven does not punish us. We punish ourselves by separating ourselves from Love. If there would be no hate and war, there would be no earthquakes and tsunamis. If we would choose Love and Peace, we would only stand on solid ground and sail on tranquil seas.

A shift in our consciousness must take place. If not, the natural disasters will continue. We must embrace Peace and dissolve confrontation. Wars beget earthquakes.

The crust of the earth is held together by LOVE...and war solves NOTHING. Natural disasters occur because it is the cry of our collective conscious to stop the hate. Wars occur out of our ignorance of and fascination with confrontation. Instead, let's be fascinated with Peace.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheerfulness Is Unstoppable

There will always be obstacles placed in the way of happiness. But how we deal with those challenges defines our existence. And though it is impossible to be totally happy in this broken world, it is somewhat easier to remain cheerful through the challenges. Total happiness may be unattainable. But cheerfulness is unstoppable.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seeds of Gratitude...Flowers of A Career

Years ago, circa 1990-1992, I had had just sold my first book, The Bewitched Book, to Dell Publishing. It was an exciting time, of course, but made more so, as it's history to publication was more complicated than usual for "first-timers."

Inspired by Bart Andrews' The I Love Lucy Book, and the result of Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery having little interest in revisiting Bewitched as a TV-reunion movie (for which I had written a spec-script with which Bewitched director/producer William Asher was quite impressed), I decided to write a companion book to the adventures of Samantha Stephens (America's favorite "witch-with-a-twitch").

As Lucy author Bart Andrews was also a literary agent, he would be the ideal representative for the project. And I was estatic when he agreed to represent the project. Then originally titled, Behold Bewitched, and prepared in proposal form (under Bart's genius guidance), the book, unfortunately, went on to receive countless rejections (more than 75). Yet, it was finally purchased by Carol Publishing, only to be cancelled after my editor left the company. It was then purchased again by Harmony Books, only to be cancelled a second time after my editor there had also left his position.

Yet, as fate would have it, my original editor found his way to Dell Publishing, and The Bewitched Book: The Cosmic Companion To Television's Most Magical Supernatural Situation Comedy made its way to book stores across the country in the Fall of 1992.

It was a dream come true - and an answer to infinite prayers.

Needless to say, I was grateful - and I wanted to show my gratitude.

As a man of great faith in Heaven and Love (which and who I define as "God"), I had a notion to visit one of my childhood churches, St. Anthony of Padua, across from Jones Park, in my hometown of Rochester, New York.

By this time, I had left Los Angeles, and returned to Rochester, where I had reunited with my parents, and commenced to write The Bewitched Book in the room in which I had grown up. Some years before, my family had left the red brick house on Erie Street (across from where now stands Frontier Field), and we were living in Greenleaf Meadows...a beautiful townhome rental community which was some twelve miles from St. Anthony's church.

I was a struggling writer in every sense of the term, and even though I had received a substantial advance from Dell, I was forced to use a good portion of that advance to pay of years-long debt. As such, I was still unable to purchase a vehicle upon my return from LA.

Still, I felt compelled to somehow make my pilgrimage to St. Anthony's in thanks for the publication of The Bewitched Book.

In retrospect, every good thing that has ever transpired in my career, whether it be in publishing or the entertainment industry, in general, happened because of The Bewitched Book. And even before every great career choice or position that followed it, I knew in my heart of hearts just how special that book would be in my life.

So, again, I wanted to show my Heaven.

As such, the first Sunday after The Bewitched Book was sold, I went to church with my Mom and, after mass, approached the priest, Father Beligotti, and inquired if there was some way I could be of service. We walked around the grounds of the church, and I noticed the flora and landscaping could use a little work.

I suggested to Father Beligotti that, if the Church would purchase the flowers and the additional supplies, I would tend to a new garden.

He agreed, and within a week's time, a new garden of flowers and white stones had appeared at the front of St. Anthony's, and to either side of the main entrance, on the left of which stood a beautiful white stone statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Then, for that entire summer of 1991, and without a vehicle, I took the bus twelve-miles mostly every day to care for that new garden. Periodically, my Dad would drive me, and I would get a ride back from a friend. But either way, those flowers and that stone garden, needed tending. And without fail, I was there.

How could I not be?

The Bewitched Book planted the seeds of my career, and I somehow even knew it then. So, I sought to plant flowers of gratitude, which, to this day, continue to blossom, if no longer in front of St. Anthony of Padua's Church - but in every good thought, deed, word or project that I make every attempt to to think, speak or bring to fruition.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"G.O.D. - L.I.G. - L.E.G."

I define the God of Heaven as "Love" itself, or "Love Is God" (L.I.G.) or as "Love Equals God (L.E.G.)." If Christian or Catholic, then we discover however we personally define God through Jesus; Jewish, via Abraham and Moses; Buddhist, via Buddah, and so forth and so on and so good. Either way, again, I believe that Love, in it's truest and most sincerest form, IS God - and that L.I.G. comes to us as we believe Him/Her/It to be. And as long as we all keep that straight, respect our differences, and concentrate on what makes us the same - which is our commmon humanity OF and IN Love, then we'll have a L.E.G. to not only stand on, but to depend upon - and we'll be just fine.

Yours, Mind And Ours

Every ounce of Love that I have ever received, shared or given away is now yours; and yet because Love is the very essence of who we are, individually and as one unit, it ever remains mine, yours and ours, simultaneously; thus offering the required core balance of peace in this and every world...throughout each Universal portal of time, space and dimension.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Excited To See Just Exactly Who She Will Be!

The Emotional/Psychological/Spiritual Cleanse is complete.

I have found Peace. And it feels good. I love my work. I love my home. I love who I am. I love God. And I love knowing that Love IS God.

I appreciate everything about my life, and everything that I've done WITH my life.

I'm at a "place" in my eternal existence where I now understand things about myself that I've never understood before.

I now understand that I can buy a house, and it won't make me stagnant; that I can be in a committed relationship, and it won't make me old and career-less; that I can dedicate myself to family and friends, and I won't die from loyalty.

O' contrare: committment, dedication and loyalty only leads to fulfillment. What was I thinking (before)?!

Now, it's just a joyful matter of finding that special someone with whom to share my wonderful life; whose equally wonderful life I would equally seek to share.

So which one of you awesome individuals out there, past, present or future shall you be? Single or soon-to-be-divorced-times-two-or-three, known or yet unknown to me, met or yet to meet...or who will you be?

Will it be you, my friend of four-score or more? Are you my true love?

Or will there be a brand-new, kind and gentle, generous soul who will learn to love me for who I am, and not for what I can buy for thee?

Or how exciting to wonder who this old or new friend will be...the one who will kindly assist in the discovery of the truest, most unselfish love for me?

We shall see.

We shall see.

We shall joyfully see. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let Your LIght SHINE and SOAR - and Don't Look Back!

An awesome friend of mine once gave me some of the best advice that I ever received with regard to my life and career. About a year after my beautiful Mom passed away, and some fifteen years after my wonderful Dad died, I was contemplating who I identity as a human being...personally and professionally.

I was 48-years-old and I had accomplished much, but I still felt like I had not done everything I was born to do. I felt incomplete. And now, after I had dedicated a good portion of my youth to caring for my elegant parents in their ill, later years, I wondered which path to take. Would I still have the stamina to leave my hometown of Rochester, NY (as I had did so many times before), and move back to Los Angeles and re-ignite my actor...a screenwriter...a television or film executive? Did I still "have it"? Or was it too late? And after I relayed all of this to my awesome friend, he said:

"Herbie - your contracts with your parents are done in this world. What you did for them was noble and beyond. And now, this is YOUR time. And they would want you to live the full and beautiful life that you were born to live in this go and utilize each and every one of your talents to their fullest. And I and they and even God would rather see you move to Los Angeles, pursue your dreams, never make it and end up homless, then to stay in Rochester and ROT!"

So I say to each of applicable terms...I recommend that each of you take my friend's advice and do the same.

May Love and Light and Health and Riches bless your COURAGE and your TALENTS...forever.

Herbie J

Monday, February 28, 2011

"Peace From Broken Pieces" by Iyanla Vanzant

Iyanla Vanzant lost EVERYTHING...and I mean EVERYTHING...her television show...her career that she built up...her book deals (she went bankrupt and owes her publishers mega-bucks)...she lost her husband (he divorced her), her only child (a daughter, who died), her beautiful home. In short, she had a falling out with Oprah Winfrey over 11 years ago (she just apppeared on Oprah's show to literally "air" their differences. In the old days, Iyanla appeared on Oprah's show every other Tuesday, and she was next in line to launch her own show (alla Dr. Phil). Iyanla was spiritual teacher and she was on her way to fame and fortune. But she lost all she had, and now realizes now that she plain didn't know how to negotiate business deals and ultimately protect herself, financially and emotionally and psychologically. Her new book, PEACE FROM BROKEN PIECES, tells her very powerful, and ultimately, victorious story - and I don't know too many people who wouldn't benefit from reading it. I know I will.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Light-Worker" Definition

light-worker (lite-were-kur): any soul who falls from heaven into a human body on earth with the specific objective to bring, display and share only happiness, joy, grace, compassion, and every good virtue, especially loving-kindness with not only a particular group of like-minded souls, but mostly to do so with as many individuals on the planet as possible with the spiritual and mostly invisible assistance of the "great collective unconsious"; and sometimes at the extensive expense and sacrifice of financial security and economic stability (the latter of which are foreign items of understanding to those from "the above").

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leave Your Competitive Spirit Behind

You are "up against" no one.

What you do has absolutely no "relationship" to what others do.

At least as how we have come to define "relationship" in the past.

Your journey is your journey. Their journey is their journey.

The prosperity of the Universe is vast, and there is an overflowing amount of Success and Love and Joy for everyone.

The "pie" is huge, and there are countless pieces of it for each of us.

And yet there is no division between any of us.

Live your life and work your work with this formula:


We may have lived competitive lives in the past - and competition may have been part of the game of life. And that once worked. But now there is a new consciousness on the rise in the world.

Today, you are on a NEW journey. A journey of sharing...a journey of making the world a better place for everyone. You are now helping to make individuals and the Earth's combined soul stronger and healthier in every way.

You are now a major CONTRIBUTOR to the world. Not a competitor.

Those who you view as your competitors - are actually your co-contributitors. And you must be happy for them. You must even be happy for those who may be MORE successful than you. Your joyful feelings for others will increase YOUR good feelings for YOURSELF...and YOUR prosperity will increase.

Anyone is able to offer sympathy for those less fortunate. But true kindness is expressed when you can be happy for the person ABOVE you - when you are at the top. And you are indeed at the top of YOUR game. Because you only have YOUR game. Everyone else has THEIR game.

Let them win theirs and you win yours.

There is no competition.

In the realm of TRUE Joy, Success and Love - competition does not exist.

Embrace who you are...embrace what you do...share your heart and your for and - about - others...with a JOYFUL spirit - and send Light and Blessings to everyone along the way, each step of the way.

What's more - do not merely help people to succeed - but BE THE REASON they succeed.

In turn, your own success will be multiplied, tenfold - and you will "win" every time.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Suffering As A Way To Enlightenment Is A Lie

Suffering is a lie. I don't believe in it. I don't trust it. And I don't buy into the fact that it "teaches us" anything. So if there are any challenges in this broken world, then I "challenge" you to rise ABOVE those challenges...and to realize there is a better path to enlightenment besides suffering. And that path is by following the LIGHT itself.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Don't underestimate the power of NICE. And before you make any decision, speak any word, or offering any opinion, ask yourself, "What would NICE do?"
Because you can always catch more buterflies with honey and sugar than you can with vinegar and oil.

Monday, February 7, 2011

LOVE Loves You

This is your time. It is annointed for you. It is solid. It is unchangable. It is set in stone. It is blessed. It is holy. It is sound.

It is all good because of the fabric of good that lines your soul - the grid of your heart...the heart of gold that is laced with lines of joy that reach LOVE and allows LOVE to see you clearer and cearer every day.

LOVE has heard the Angels to whom you have called to your side. You now have the graces and annointings through the Angels, who are with LOVE..and who are praying to LOVE upon your request.

Yet you now never have to request a prayer from LOVE ever again...for LOVE hears and sees you like never before you were born...when you planned today.

LOVE is so happy for you. You have done well in your your work for LOVE. You have served as a blessing to LOVE.

You have made LOVE what you would understand as "proud," though pride is only something that this world recognizes.

It pleases LOVE to please you because You Are LOVE...and LOVE loves you.

There is no other way to say:

LOVE loves you.

Now sit back, sustain your strong faith - and allow the feather to fall into your hand.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I dedicated what many would call my "prime years" to caring for my beautiful parents. And I wouldn't have changed a thing. Caring for my ill, elderly Mom and Dad in their last years was one of the most mature things that I have ever did. (As far as I'm concerned, I got the "maturity market" covered!)

That said, I live my life as honestly as I can. I wake up every day with every attempt to make this world a better place. We all have flaws. We all make mistakes. No one's perfect. And don't ever let anyone make you feel like you're the only one who makes mistakes. Especially the person who always makes the biggest mistake of not being warm-hearted.

And yet the cold-heartred in this sometimes cold-world needs your sensitive soul more than they know. The insensitive may not be willing to admit that. But it's the truth.

No matter how much people hurt us, we must be kind to the unkind. That doesn't mean we have to have unkind people in our lives, that just means we should just bless on their way those who hurt us. If anything, to help insure that we don't get hurt again.

So you just go and be the best person you can be. Be as nice as you can be. And if people don't appreciate what you bring to the table of their lives...then move on.

Truth be told: Happy people don't act unhappy. That's all there is to it. And I've had my fill of unhappy people. For I firmly believe that the best way to live is to surround yourself only with happy people. And that means eliminating all name-calling, cold-hearted, mean-spirited, confrontational people who are always looking for a fight.

Now go BE HAPPY!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rudi Rudenski Talks About "The Light" He Met In Heaven - This Sunday On The Radio

On the way to a secret military base in 1982, Rudi Rudenski died in a car accident. Soonafter, he left "this world" and journeyed to Heaven, where he experienced what has come to be known and defined as an "NDE" or "Near-Death Experience."

While in Heaven, and upon meeting the "Sum of All Love" also known as "The Light," Rudi learned that the harsh and judgemental "God" in which he was once taught to believe as a child didn't live in Heaven at all.

Instead, Rudi met in Heaven the "God of Love," and he learned that this God of Heaven IS Love...a God incapable of turning one nation against the other, or one Earthly child against the other.

After his quite extensive and very unique NDE, Rudi returned to Earth in a broken body with a broken neck and with a mission to complete: to learn more about the physical world. In effect, he returned to this world a changed man (after spending over a year in traction and even body casts, following numerous surgeries).

Because of his new understanding about "The Light," Rudi realized that he could no longer perform his soldierly duties...that the "Sum of All Love Who Is The God Of Heaven" has nothing to do with war, and that we are ALL EQUAL in the eyes of Heaven, unconditionally loved by the most beautiful "Mommy/Daddy" in the Universe.

Today, Rudi travels across the State of Texas (his home state), teaching blind individuals how to reclaim their lives.

Yet, more than anything else, Rudi Rudenski teaches us all about Love, or again, more clearly stated how, Love IS God.

[Below please find a link to Rudi's upcoming three-hour radio appearance this Sunday, January 23rd on Caribbean Radio, during which he will discuss his amazing experience. Meanwhile, too, you can visit Rudi's thousands of posts in the "NDE Forum" at, and you can also read about his NDE at On either site, just do a search with the keyword "Rudenski."]

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Top Ten Healthy And Happy Tips

1] Drink water (the "cup of life"): All life comes from the water. The Earth is 70% water, 30% mass. So is the human body. See how the Universe made that clear for us? Use that law to your advantage.

2] Eliminate alcohol: Though a liquid, in many ways, alcohol is the opposite of water (it dries your skin, and causes your hair and your teeth to fall out). Like coffee, it dehydrates your body temple (and your body IS a temple, that must be respected).

3] Eat fruits and vegetables, eliminate red meat (eat rots in your body for FOUR days before it's digested), and whatever you do, please stop eating lobster (and increasing the boiling-trauma those suffering beings go through right before they die for someone's dinner).

4] Exercise: Walking and Swimming are really the best, easiest and least expensive ways to go.

5] Stay enthusiastic about every dream you have. Ideas that come to you are whispers from the Universe. To not follow through with your dreams, does a disservice to yourself, to those who will benefit from your achievements, and to the Universe.

6] Remain hygienically sound. In other clean. Brush your teeth, shower every day (check under your finger nails), and wear fresh and laundered clothes (under and outer). In short, respect the way you look and dress to impress - yourself, others - and especially the Universe.

7] If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

8] Pay your bills and don't be cheap. Take care of your family, be generous with every individual and organization in any way that you so see fit, and share your money and your life enthusiasm with everyone you know.

9] Bless those who curse you, forgive those who hurt you, and pray for and love those who hate you.

10) Smile

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jack LaLanne Was Ahead Of His Time - In So Many Ways!

The great Jack LaLanne was ahead of his time when it came to both physical AND mental health. I cordially invite you to click on the below video link (or in the column to the left), which will lead you to a short 3-minute "show of enthusiasm) of Lalane's brilliant and oh so "bright" view of life.


We Are Positive Human Beings!

One of my favorite affirmations that I make sure to say and CLAIM each and every day.

Join me now and say it with me:

I am a positive human being.

I believe in myself.

I love myself - in an unselfish way.

I send out good vibrations to the entire Universe.

And they are reflected back to me...

This morning...

This afternoon....





Monday, January 24, 2011

Your New Path To Health and Happiness Begins TODAY!

Hello Everyone -

Welcome to my new blog, which will concentrate on presenting the most positive, and updated news, inspirational stories and insight with regard to helping you increase, sustain and embrace your health and ultimately your happiness -or what I like to call your "A-Life."

Stay tuned!

Herbie J