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Monday, September 2, 2013

Peace, Please

In my estimation, there are no chemical weapons used in Syria; just like there were no weapons of mass destruction used in Iraq.  It's all a bunch of malarkey created to justify America's unjust intervention in places we do not belong simply to further what is perceived as an economic boost.  

Translation:  war=profit at the senseless cost of innocent lives.  For some reason, America always has to create some one figure or some one nation to hate.  And we're doing it again.  Sadly.

Ultimately, our political leaders do not care about the world.  They are only using the world's issues to again, justify a war which they envision will create cash.  There is no sincere interest to help.  Instead, it is selfish-geared.

And if Syria is indeed utilizing some form of chemical weapons, it is none of our business.  It isn't our problem...just like it wasn't our problem in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan.  We are not the police of the world.  

Today, we have those who are ill and dying in OUR country who need support.    We cannot help others unless we take care of ourselves (just like during any potential crisis on an airplane; we must place the oxygen mask over ourselves first, then our fellow passenger).

Into this mix, millions of Americans and world citizens are wising up to the endless line of baloney about the "necessities of war" that have littered for centuries thousands of history books, newspaper and magazine articles; online reports, press conferences, etc .  We're not buying it anymore.  We're tired of the senseless loss of life; the misery; the emotional and psychological destitution of war.  The price is too high, and we're no longer willing or stupid enough to sit idly by and pay it.   

That all said, the bottom line is this:

True leadership is ignited, displayed and conducted with dignity, intelligence of the mind and the heart, in a calm, level-headed, objective, peaceful manner.

So, please pray for peace and discernment instead of going and starting a war that will ultimately destroy this planet.