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Friday, April 19, 2019

You'll Fall in Love with "Jimmy & Sam"

You’ll fall in love with Jimmy & Sam, the lead characters and title of the new play written by Michael Rhodes, Pat Harrington and Howard Storm.  A dynamite production with a dynamite cast including Storm, Chris Winfield, and Teresa Ganzel, Jimmy & Sam is family entertainment for all ages.  

Funny and warm but minus the schmaltz, the story, directed by Johnny Crear and produced by Michael Carazza, centers around two male seniors, friends for more than four decades, and now both retired.  

Jimmy, played by Winfield, is a former dockworker is Irish, and Storm's Sam, a former barber, is Jewish.  Suddenly, as the play’s press release succinctly describes it, “…they’re roommates looking for laughs, love and easier days.”  Meanwhile, into their midst, appears  Ganzel, magical as always, as a likable interloper.  And all of it is performed to perfection with a fine balance of comedic timing and poignancy.

Recently and exclusively previewed with a special reading at the historic Lonny Chapman Theatre in North Hollywood, this edition of Jimmy & Sam foreshadows nothing but more wonderful things to come.  Delightfully narrated by Brenda Varda, with staging coordination by Winfield, and optimum sets provided by the Group Repertory Theatre, Jimmy & Sam will continue to deliver the goods…the very goods…with fine directing by Crear, top-notch producing by Carazza, and a senior class of performers, with the emphasis on class!