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Monday, February 8, 2016

Listen to the Whispers of the Universe!

Looking back - and moving forward!
Follow your passion, my friends.
I always followed mine, beginning with my love for a legendary television series titled "Bewitched." Inspired by this iconic show, I went on to write the first, original BEWITCHED BOOK, which was later revised as several editions of BEWITCHED FOREVER - and which remains the only official guide to the classic series (endorsed by Sony Entertainment) that features exclusive commentary from the show's main stars Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Dick Sargent, David White, and more; as well as featuring a Foreword by show producer/director William Asher (then-married to Elizabeth), among other rare commentary (from those like executive producer Harry Ackerman).
Point being: I followed by dream, and every good thing that has transpired in my life and career, happened because I listened - and continue to listen - to the whispers of the Universe instructing me on where to journey next.
As such, I encourage you to listen to the Universe when it whispers to you, and to follow YOUR dreams.