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Friday, June 27, 2014

Essay of Love

Love threads the Universe.

Love outlines, "in-lines" and embodies the grid of each world and dimension.

Love is the tapestry of life.

Love is pure and we are deserving of it.

This is our time for Love.

It is an anointed time.

It is solid.  It is unchangeable.  It is set in stone.  It is blessed.  It is holy.  It is sound.

It is all good because of the fabric of good that lines our souls...the grid of our hearts...

...the hearts of gold that are laced with lines of joy that reach Love and allows Love to se us clearer and clearer each day.

Love hears the Angels, through which we have graces and anointing.

Love prays for us, and we pray to Love, and yet we never have to request a prayer from Love...
...for Love hears us and sees us through Love...with each act of Loving-Kindness.

Love Loves us like never before we were born when Love planned today.

Love is happy for us.

We serve as blessings to Love, and we have made Love proud, even though pride is something that Love is unfamiliar with.

It pleases Love to please us because we ARE Love and Love Loves us.

There is no other way to say it..."Love Loves us."

And we are happy because Love sees us, and Love sees us because we are happy...

...because there is nothing but "happy" wherever Love is, and Love is everywhere...
...and everywhere we are.

So, let us sit back, and rest in Love, and let the feather of Love fall into our hands.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Stop spinning your wheels.

Stop starting one project while not finishing another.

Finish one project to completion - and THEN move on.

Stop cluttering your life with new additions.

Instead, start SUBTRACTING.

Not multiplying or dividing.

FOCUS on one thing at a time.

One PROJECT at a time.

One PERSON at a time.

Talk WITH people...not at them.

Clear your head of objectives and goals that have nothing to do with today.

Stop moving.

Stop traveling.

Be great where you are, first...then begin a new motion.

But remain where you are, first...

Accomplish what's right in front of you - and then tackle what's ahead.

Stop complicating your life - and start simplifying your life.