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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Angels Were With Me Last Wednesday Night

I was in a car accident last week.

But I walked away unscathed, as did all of those who were involved.

My car was damaged  in the back, and the other vehicle was pretty much destroyed.

And all that transpired around the incident, in protection of myself and everyone involved, was a blessing.

Here's what happened:

It was Wednesday evening, June 23rd.

I was on my way from Cerritos to Beverly Hills for a special reading of a new play.

I stopped for gas on Artesia Blvd, a few blocks from where I live, and began to make my way to the 91 Freeway West.

In a few moments, I noticed an accident to the side of the road, at an intersection/cross-street.

It was a dreadful.  Two vehicles were involved, and both were intermingled with one another.

I wasn't sure if there was any casualties.

I kept moving, and the traffic started to slow before the Freeway entrance.

Unfortunately, the driver behind me did not notice the slowing traffic, as he was distracted by the other accident.

In seconds, that driver slammed into me, going normal speed, approximately 20-25 miles per hour.

I stopped my car, walked out to see if everyone was okay, and then looked at the back of my car, and the front of his.  There was significant damage to the back of my vehicle, but nothing compared to the other car, the front end of which was destroyed.

Police who were covering the other accident, had already called for back-up.

Within minutes, additional police officers, along with fireman came to the aid of myself and others in this second accident.

The other party admitted it was his fault, and both he and I, thank God, were not harmed in the incident.  I was more concerned about his Mom, who was sitting in the front seat next to him.  She was very emotionally upset, and kept grabbing heart.

We exchanged contact information.  His insurance company would be paying for everything...the damage to my car...the rental car I would be attaining the next day, and all damages.

We all walked away physically unscathed, thank Heaven.

I never made it to my writer's event that night.

But Heaven had another plan, and the Angels were with me, and each of us.

I remain grateful to be alive.....and how I was protected each step of the way.

My faith kept me strong, physically, emotionally, and psychologically throughout the entire ordeal.

I was calm and collected throughout it all.

And I simply don't know what people without faith do in such circumstances.

I'm just glad I have faith, and that the Angels responded to that faith with graceful protection for all concerned.

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Color of Humanity

The Color of Humanity - by Herbie J Pilato
The color of my skin is olive, or white, depending on the time of year. And I am a straight man. But that does not mean that I will necessarily only vote for an olive-skinned or a white straight man to be in the White House, or for an olive-skinned or a white straight man for any particular political position or office. My political beliefs are relatively liberal. But that does not necessarily mean that I will vote for a relatively liberal individual to be in the White House or any particular political position or office. My hair color has ranged from brown to salt-and-pepper to gray to silver. But that does not mean that I will vote for only a brown, salt-and-peppered, or gray, or silver-haired individual to be in the White House or any particular political position of office.
Do you see where I'm going here?
When I vote, or stand behind any political candidate, I vote for the INDIVIDUAL...and for what that particular individual will bring to the table. I vote for their experience...for their wisdom...for the leadership qualities...for their humanity.
Those are the legitimate reasons in choosing a candidate for ANY political office. And not because they are White, Italian, Black, Greek, Blond, a Female, Straight, Gay, or Martian.
And the same rules apply to EVERY area of life, beyond professional politics.
Essentially, I make wise choices in all areas for legitimate, authentic reasons, for the highest good of all concerned.

Monday, June 13, 2016

I Am Only Human

I am a human being, defined solely by my humanity.
My heritage does not define me. My culture does not define me. The color of my skin does not define me. My politics do not define me. My religious and spiritual beliefs do not define me. My financial status does not define. My sexuality does not define me. My gender does not define me. My family does not define me. My friends do not define me. My colleagues do not define me. My work does not define me. My accomplishments do not define me. My intelligence does not define me. My wisdom does not define me. My opinions do not define me.
Defined solely by my humanity, I am only human.