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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Clear Space! Clear Head!

I've played the moving game countless times...too many to remember. And I used to think, "Gosh - I can't throw THAT out!" But you know what? I did. And you know what else? I don't miss ANY of the stuff I threw out, gave away or donated. 

There were many treasured items that I gave to friends and family, and those items will as a result always remain treasures, now in the possession of those I love and hold dear. But the other stuff? It was all crap and junk and I'm glad it's gone, along with yesterday.

Instead, I'm living for today, and my head and my storage areas are CLEAR! So, get rid of all that crap, junk and clutter in your garages, attics, basements - and live your life for today - and enjoy a nice clutter-free home and life. 

Clear space, clear head is the way I look at it. 

Happy Turn-it-Around Tuesday, Everybody!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Church Pet-Peeves

I have a few pet-peeves in general, but when it comes to attending Church, I have many:
1] It's rude when people leave Church right after communion....or when they don't wait to hear to choir finish singing. Really? All just to make sure they beat the traffic in the parking lot? This is Church; not a ballgame.
2] When people talk in church or couples who snuggle, kiss and sometimes nearly have a make-out session in the pews. Hey, I'm all for affection...but this is Church; not a hotel room.
Have a Happy Sunday, Everybody!

Monday, November 16, 2015

One "Hail Mary" is all it takes....

To all my Catholic friends and anyone else who would care:
When the Blessed Mother appeared in either Medjugorje or Lourdes...I forget which...but either way - she told those to whom she appeared the following core message, which I paraphrase here:
One singular reciting of the "Hail Mary," stated slowly, with sincerity and clarity, outweighs the countless, swift and empty mumbles of the Rosary that many say just to say, and to get it over with.
One "Hail Mary," said with true respect, is the prayer that is heard.