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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Commentary from Brian Feinblum's Blog

Hopefully, books and the publishing landscape of 2016 will be pretty much as it is today, only better...with a more evenly balanced presentation of all formats of publishing, be they hardcover, softcover or electronic editions. 
Ideally, the "one or the other" scenario will be replaced with the realization that all formats can happily exist simultaneously.  And that, in some way, publishing by then will not only be able to properly represent the very best of what humanity has to write, but that the industry itself will serve metaphorically for the human race in general.
By 2016, maybe all people, of every "format," i.e., race, creed, spiritual belief or religion, will be able to co-exist happily beyond the "one or the other"/"us or them" mentality that unfortunately haunts humanity today. 
Books, like human beings, possess the great power to communicate; they parallel one another in so many ways. 
So, as long as our words, our minds and our thoughts can be printed in hardcopy or electronic format, our words and our thoughts can also being imprinted in the hearts, minds and souls of our brothers and sisters from every walk of life. 
There is room in the great library of humanity for every good human being, as there is room for every good book, no matter what the “format”…literally. 
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Friday, April 13, 2012

HBO, Vulgarity & Character Development

So, swearing if funny, eh? I thought it was just vulgar. Just because something's on HBO (or cable in general) doesn't automatically mean it has to include vulgarity...certainly not just for the sake of it. To be added to a periodic scene because it makes sense within the story? Ok. To allow certain vulgar words to be said by or about a character to help define or add to character development? Ok. But to just constantly have characters swear and use vulgarity just because it's HBO or cable? Nay. What does swearing have to do with "for mature audiences only," anyway?