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Friday, August 29, 2014

How To Make Sure Your Prayers Are Answered

So, how do you make sure your prayers are answered?
Go to Church, Temple, or whatever and wherever you call your loving-kind house of worship; and once inside, kneel down, or stand, clasp your hands - and then forget yourself and your own prayers.

Instead, pray for the person, kneeling down or standing in front of you.

In doing so, Heaven will be so astounded with your compassion and unselfish love, that your prayers, even unspoken, will be heard.

In placing the needs of others first, before your own, your Light will shine so bright, that it will become impossible for Heaven not to bless you.

Friday, August 22, 2014

It's All About Balance

As the years go by, we apply, and hopefully learn from our life experiences.

Naturally, we become more mature as time passes.

The key is to find moderation in all we not let bitterness be the singular result from disappointments - and yet, also - to not become completely selfish when things may for a time at least...continually go our way.

 Again, the answer is found in balance.

To make mature decisions, be responsible and take and be in charge of our lives at every turn - but also to make sure we never lose the child's heart and carefree spirit.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Reject the Rejections!

I don't know about you, but my brain only functions on positive thought.

Or at least, it only functions WELL on positive thought; positive thought and words motivate me.

Negative thinking...just writing that disfunctional to me; it deflates me;  there isn't enough room in my brain for negative thought.

Yes, it's a fact that we live in a broken world.

And that in and of itself may sound like negative thinking; but it's ultimately it's a truth of this world.

So what do we do?

Well, all I can tell is you what I do...and/or at least strive to do:

Ultimately, I live by a joyful rule...a hard and fast rule...but a joyful rule:

Whatever we concenrate on, expands.

Focus on the good, things get better.

Focus on the bad, things get worse.

Upon first consideration, it seems a difficult task to think positive, and be positive, mostly because we're not yet in Heaven and we are yet unable to grasp the Heavenly things of perfection.

But thinking only good thoughts all the time, even in the midst of fact...especially in the face of just like laughing at a bully:

Laughter renders bullies powerless.

As such, positive thoughts do the same with negative thinking and circumstances.

So concenrate only on the good.

Think only good.

Speak only good.

Project only good..and discard the negative...laugh in the face of a bully...reject them and reject all negative thought...reject the rejections!

We'll never be able to fix this broken world.

But we can certainly mend at least a few of its cracks with positive, joyful "glue-full," glee-full thinking.

And then - watch, as if by magic, how the heart-"breaks" become less and less...while the heart-"warmths" increase and increase again!