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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya"

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya": Translated as follows...

"Let the different faiths exist, let them flourish, and let the glory of God be sung in all the languages and in a variety of tunes. That should be the Ideal. Respect the differences between the faiths and recognize them as valid as long as they do not extinguish the flame of unity."

(Definition and meaning of 'Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya' is as it has been explained by Sai Baba, it is extracted from the website )

And now watch and listen to the beautiful music video.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Spiritual Thoughts On The Recent Chaotic Events

‎If you enjoy confrontation, than confront war...and distribute Peace.

If you seek to be defiant, then defy war...and embrace Peace.

Geographical, physical, emotional and psychological disharmony have NOTHING to do with the God of Heaven. There is some other god (of THIS world) working our puppet strings.

We need to stop worshipping war and start praising Peace.

Our chaotic thoughts create our chaotic world.

Everything is connected. There is no separation between our hearts and minds and the land and the sea.

The God of Heaven does not punish us. We punish ourselves by separating ourselves from Love. If there would be no hate and war, there would be no earthquakes and tsunamis. If we would choose Love and Peace, we would only stand on solid ground and sail on tranquil seas.

A shift in our consciousness must take place. If not, the natural disasters will continue. We must embrace Peace and dissolve confrontation. Wars beget earthquakes.

The crust of the earth is held together by LOVE...and war solves NOTHING. Natural disasters occur because it is the cry of our collective conscious to stop the hate. Wars occur out of our ignorance of and fascination with confrontation. Instead, let's be fascinated with Peace.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheerfulness Is Unstoppable

There will always be obstacles placed in the way of happiness. But how we deal with those challenges defines our existence. And though it is impossible to be totally happy in this broken world, it is somewhat easier to remain cheerful through the challenges. Total happiness may be unattainable. But cheerfulness is unstoppable.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seeds of Gratitude...Flowers of A Career

Years ago, circa 1990-1992, I had had just sold my first book, The Bewitched Book, to Dell Publishing. It was an exciting time, of course, but made more so, as it's history to publication was more complicated than usual for "first-timers."

Inspired by Bart Andrews' The I Love Lucy Book, and the result of Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery having little interest in revisiting Bewitched as a TV-reunion movie (for which I had written a spec-script with which Bewitched director/producer William Asher was quite impressed), I decided to write a companion book to the adventures of Samantha Stephens (America's favorite "witch-with-a-twitch").

As Lucy author Bart Andrews was also a literary agent, he would be the ideal representative for the project. And I was estatic when he agreed to represent the project. Then originally titled, Behold Bewitched, and prepared in proposal form (under Bart's genius guidance), the book, unfortunately, went on to receive countless rejections (more than 75). Yet, it was finally purchased by Carol Publishing, only to be cancelled after my editor left the company. It was then purchased again by Harmony Books, only to be cancelled a second time after my editor there had also left his position.

Yet, as fate would have it, my original editor found his way to Dell Publishing, and The Bewitched Book: The Cosmic Companion To Television's Most Magical Supernatural Situation Comedy made its way to book stores across the country in the Fall of 1992.

It was a dream come true - and an answer to infinite prayers.

Needless to say, I was grateful - and I wanted to show my gratitude.

As a man of great faith in Heaven and Love (which and who I define as "God"), I had a notion to visit one of my childhood churches, St. Anthony of Padua, across from Jones Park, in my hometown of Rochester, New York.

By this time, I had left Los Angeles, and returned to Rochester, where I had reunited with my parents, and commenced to write The Bewitched Book in the room in which I had grown up. Some years before, my family had left the red brick house on Erie Street (across from where now stands Frontier Field), and we were living in Greenleaf Meadows...a beautiful townhome rental community which was some twelve miles from St. Anthony's church.

I was a struggling writer in every sense of the term, and even though I had received a substantial advance from Dell, I was forced to use a good portion of that advance to pay of years-long debt. As such, I was still unable to purchase a vehicle upon my return from LA.

Still, I felt compelled to somehow make my pilgrimage to St. Anthony's in thanks for the publication of The Bewitched Book.

In retrospect, every good thing that has ever transpired in my career, whether it be in publishing or the entertainment industry, in general, happened because of The Bewitched Book. And even before every great career choice or position that followed it, I knew in my heart of hearts just how special that book would be in my life.

So, again, I wanted to show my Heaven.

As such, the first Sunday after The Bewitched Book was sold, I went to church with my Mom and, after mass, approached the priest, Father Beligotti, and inquired if there was some way I could be of service. We walked around the grounds of the church, and I noticed the flora and landscaping could use a little work.

I suggested to Father Beligotti that, if the Church would purchase the flowers and the additional supplies, I would tend to a new garden.

He agreed, and within a week's time, a new garden of flowers and white stones had appeared at the front of St. Anthony's, and to either side of the main entrance, on the left of which stood a beautiful white stone statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Then, for that entire summer of 1991, and without a vehicle, I took the bus twelve-miles mostly every day to care for that new garden. Periodically, my Dad would drive me, and I would get a ride back from a friend. But either way, those flowers and that stone garden, needed tending. And without fail, I was there.

How could I not be?

The Bewitched Book planted the seeds of my career, and I somehow even knew it then. So, I sought to plant flowers of gratitude, which, to this day, continue to blossom, if no longer in front of St. Anthony of Padua's Church - but in every good thought, deed, word or project that I make every attempt to to think, speak or bring to fruition.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"G.O.D. - L.I.G. - L.E.G."

I define the God of Heaven as "Love" itself, or "Love Is God" (L.I.G.) or as "Love Equals God (L.E.G.)." If Christian or Catholic, then we discover however we personally define God through Jesus; Jewish, via Abraham and Moses; Buddhist, via Buddah, and so forth and so on and so good. Either way, again, I believe that Love, in it's truest and most sincerest form, IS God - and that L.I.G. comes to us as we believe Him/Her/It to be. And as long as we all keep that straight, respect our differences, and concentrate on what makes us the same - which is our commmon humanity OF and IN Love, then we'll have a L.E.G. to not only stand on, but to depend upon - and we'll be just fine.

Yours, Mind And Ours

Every ounce of Love that I have ever received, shared or given away is now yours; and yet because Love is the very essence of who we are, individually and as one unit, it ever remains mine, yours and ours, simultaneously; thus offering the required core balance of peace in this and every world...throughout each Universal portal of time, space and dimension.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Excited To See Just Exactly Who She Will Be!

The Emotional/Psychological/Spiritual Cleanse is complete.

I have found Peace. And it feels good. I love my work. I love my home. I love who I am. I love God. And I love knowing that Love IS God.

I appreciate everything about my life, and everything that I've done WITH my life.

I'm at a "place" in my eternal existence where I now understand things about myself that I've never understood before.

I now understand that I can buy a house, and it won't make me stagnant; that I can be in a committed relationship, and it won't make me old and career-less; that I can dedicate myself to family and friends, and I won't die from loyalty.

O' contrare: committment, dedication and loyalty only leads to fulfillment. What was I thinking (before)?!

Now, it's just a joyful matter of finding that special someone with whom to share my wonderful life; whose equally wonderful life I would equally seek to share.

So which one of you awesome individuals out there, past, present or future shall you be? Single or soon-to-be-divorced-times-two-or-three, known or yet unknown to me, met or yet to meet...or who will you be?

Will it be you, my friend of four-score or more? Are you my true love?

Or will there be a brand-new, kind and gentle, generous soul who will learn to love me for who I am, and not for what I can buy for thee?

Or how exciting to wonder who this old or new friend will be...the one who will kindly assist in the discovery of the truest, most unselfish love for me?

We shall see.

We shall see.

We shall joyfully see. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let Your LIght SHINE and SOAR - and Don't Look Back!

An awesome friend of mine once gave me some of the best advice that I ever received with regard to my life and career. About a year after my beautiful Mom passed away, and some fifteen years after my wonderful Dad died, I was contemplating who I identity as a human being...personally and professionally.

I was 48-years-old and I had accomplished much, but I still felt like I had not done everything I was born to do. I felt incomplete. And now, after I had dedicated a good portion of my youth to caring for my elegant parents in their ill, later years, I wondered which path to take. Would I still have the stamina to leave my hometown of Rochester, NY (as I had did so many times before), and move back to Los Angeles and re-ignite my actor...a screenwriter...a television or film executive? Did I still "have it"? Or was it too late? And after I relayed all of this to my awesome friend, he said:

"Herbie - your contracts with your parents are done in this world. What you did for them was noble and beyond. And now, this is YOUR time. And they would want you to live the full and beautiful life that you were born to live in this go and utilize each and every one of your talents to their fullest. And I and they and even God would rather see you move to Los Angeles, pursue your dreams, never make it and end up homless, then to stay in Rochester and ROT!"

So I say to each of applicable terms...I recommend that each of you take my friend's advice and do the same.

May Love and Light and Health and Riches bless your COURAGE and your TALENTS...forever.

Herbie J