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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ignore the Bullies and Shine Your Light!

When I was in high school, I didn't have much confidence. I was athletic, and played sports on the city streets of my neighborhood growing up in Rochester. But I couldn't get it together to play organized sports in high school. Probably because I was bullied a lot, which clearly was not encouraging behavior by my peers. So, I retreated from such activities, although I regret it today. I could have easily played baseball, soccer, tennis; joined the swimming team - or boxed. I was good at all of those sports.
But because I lacked confidence, and because of the bullying...I didn't pursue any of that, sadly.  And as I look back now, I really don't even know how I made it through every day.  It was tough.
But when I would get bullied, I used to think "Now, why would that dude who is so blessed with grace and ability in football...or baseball...or basketball...whatever it was...why would that individual be so mean and so cruel to me and others who were not as blessed?"
I just never understood it...bullying...and I never really will.
I have long forgiven those who bullied me in high school. And I still get bullied today, for one reason or another. And I forgive those present attacks as well. Even though I truly don't understood those either.
I guess, then and now, we always have to consider the source - and if anything, I have learned not to allow any of that to hold me back today - from being and doing all I was born to be and do!
Happy Tuesday, Everybody!