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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crew-Necks Don't Do It For Me

I'm a pretty free-spirited guy.

I don't like any confinements.

And that includes the way I wear my hair and the clothes I wear.

I'm a medium, but I like to buy and live large.

And I ain't that crazy about crewcuts for my head or crewnecks for my neck.  But I totally gel in my hair and v-neck sweaters, casual shirts or just plain tee-shirts.

V-necks, to me, represent my carefree spirit...and they help loosen, if figuratively, the ties that bind.  And I definitely don't mean the ties that go along with button-down dress-linnen shirts.

I'm referring to the metaphorical ties that bind...

Anything that is binding, whether it's a crewneck tee-shirt or a suffocating relationship - none of it is healthy.

For the mind, the body or the soul.

So, let go of those ties that bind, even the kind that do in fact come with those button-down dress-linnen shirts.

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