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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Love Will Not Forget You

One of my most favorite things is attending Mass.

I'm a Catholic, born and raised.

I left the Faith for a little while, but ultimately returned.

I still very much disagree with the Church on a few things.  But that's okay, because I disagree on a lot of things with a lot of organizations (and with a lot of people for that matter).

That said, one of my other most favorite things is praying.

I love to pray, for it contributes to a great deal of joy for me.

But to me, praying does not mean begging for something from God (who is Love).

Instead, praying means talking with Love (who is God).

So, when I attend church, I pray...and not just for myself...but especially for others.

My pray-joy doubles when I pray for others...especially without them knowing about it (although I guess a few of them know about it now).

And I always feel that Love (who is God) will not forget my prayers if I pray for others.

And that doesn't mean that I pray for others so Love will remember my own prayers.

I simply pray for others because it contributes to my happiness.

And in the process of praying for others...and feeling becomes easier for Love to see me.

Because Love doesn't see us when we are unjoyful.

Love only recognizes Love.

Love remembers us when we our Loving.

It's that simple.

When we Love, Love does not forget us.

Because Love becomes us - and we become Love.

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