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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Your Creative Ideas Are Whispers From Heaven

You came into this world for a reason.

You set up a plan to accomplish certain objectives; and you then chose and were as a result granted certain talents.

When you "think" of an idea; you are "remembering" what you came here to do.

Essentially, your creative ideas are whispers from Heaven.

If that idea if filled with greatness and grace, and somehow makes a contribution to your life, your business, your career; your family; your community; the are obligated (by the demands you placed on yourself) to fulfill that idea.

In effect, you are directed to make your dreams come true.

If you ignore those ethereal whispers, and do not fulfill your "destiny," as it's been called, than you not only deny yourself, but those who would benefit from it - and you break your agreement with Heaven.

For example, I awakened this morning with the idea to write this post.

I was compelled to write it.

For you.  For me.  And for Heaven.

If I do nothing else today, I accomplished this one special task...that was whispered to me from Heaven.

So, today - I'm shining my Light....BRIGHT!

For all the world to see.

So, now you shine YOUR Light - even BRIGHTER!

Go live the A-Life that you came here to!

Become everything you set out to become - and don't allow the slight of insecurities; petty jealousies from others; bullying - or any of that nonsense stop you.

That never stopped me - and I've heard it all.

Trust me.

So you just go do what you have to do - and do it with Love.

From there, it will be impossible for you not to succeed.

That's Heaven's promise.


  1. Love this post. I have posted the same thing over and over: that all our great ideas are whispers from the GREAT thinker beyond and here and inside us.... and the "dead souls" are not dead they are promoting us with genius ideas. Einstein, Mozart, Mother Theresa... you and me.. everyone who is open receives the message they are meant to convey. Did you see Elizabeth Gilbert's Ted Talk? All geniuses are really just channeling God's thoughts. Love you Herbie!! You are a great thinker because you have a great heart. Luv xo lydia

  2. Thank you, Lydia. I read your appreciation on my birthday! So your comments are all the more embraced. Blessings to you forever. With grand Love and Light....Herbie