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Friday, May 31, 2013

How To Feel and BE "Stronger, Faster, Better" - and Healthier!

As the author of The Bionic Book (BearManor Media, 2007), I profiled Steve Austin - The Six Million Dollar Man, and Jaime Sommers - The Bionic Woman, as portrayed by the iconic Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner in the classic TV shows of 1970s (both of which are now airing on the new COZI-TV network).

The opening credits for The Six Million Dollar Man included narration provided by Richard Oscar Goldman Anderson, who spoke the memorable line, “We can make him stronger, faster, better,” in addressing the cybnertic reconstruction and transformation of Steve Austin into a power-house half-man/half-machine.
Modern science has been inspired by these wonderful shows, thus proving that the potential for classic television positive influence is real.  The advances in real cybernetic and artificial limb reconstruction have been phenomenal, if not yet achieving the super-strength of Steve and Jaime.

In the meantime, however, we can do our own part at the very least to maintain our bodies, to make them stronger, faster, better, by ingesting the healthiest foods and drinks.
The truth of the matter is this:  our bodies reconstruct themselves every year. 

According to recent research, our DNA renews itself every two months; our skin reshapes itself in just one month; our liver reconstructs itself every six weeks; our stomach lining reforms itself every five days; our brain rebuilds itself in one year; our blood reforms itself in one month; and our body recreates an entirely new skeleton in three months.
So just imagine the opportunity we are granted by ingesting all the right fuel for our bodies?  In no time at all, we can become the healthiest super-humans we can possibly be – if we eat the right foods, drink the right drinks, and stick to a consistent exercise regimen.

And we can start the process with these few easy steps, and the proper understanding of digestion, elimination, cellular reconstruction and again, exercise.  To begin your day and pave the way for proper digestion within each 24-hour period, here’s one positive path to follow every morning:

1]         Awaken and immediately give thanks for every good and healthy part of your body and life, from your past and present (whatever you focus on, expands; concentrate on the good, things get better; concentrate on the negative, things get worse).
2]         Talk to your body, and speak only words of health and kindness over it.  Many books have been written about the positive influence that positive words have over bodies (including The Power of Prayer On Plants by Franklin Loehr -; and The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto;

3]         Before enjoying any solid food or drink of any kind, first have a nice warm cup of water, which will help to clear your digestive tract before breakfast.
4]         Then have a small glass of organic carrot juice, which automatically rebuilds and prepares your blood on a cellular level.

5]         Then commence your regular exercise program (preferably aerobic exercises followed by strength-training).
6]         From there, just merely go on with your day, eating and drinking all the right foods, and not including…and I repeat…NOT…including any red meats (and preferably no meat at all); no dairy, no soda, no alcohol; no drugs; and certainly no cigarettes.

7]         But you can say YES to:  purified or distilled water (if the latter, then add just a pinch of sea salt; but not regular table salt); any amount of fresh fruits or vegetables; and lots of nuts, seeds and other legumes (lentils are the best), any way you want to slice them (raw, steamed, or in soups; but no dried or fried); and ease up on the bread and pasta.
Trust me, as an Italian-American, I know that last suggestion is a tough choice!

But if you find the stamina to follow this program, I promise that you, your immune system (which fights ALL disease and disorder), and your entire body will become, if not actually bionic, most certainly, super-powered.


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